Seth Rollins photographed buying lemonade from child's stand is incredibly wholesome

WWE star Rollins went viral for wholesome moment this weekend

Seth Rollins is one of WWE's top heels, winding up fans each and every week on Friday Night SmackDown. 

He's been portraying an incredibly self-entitled 'Messiah' character since turning in late 2019 and that has since evolved into his very annoying 'SmackDown Saviour' gimmick. 

Each week, he'll come out to the ring and demand that his fellow WWE Superstars 'embrace the vision' and anyone who crosses him usually gets dropped by a cowardly beatdown. 

Rollins' current run has seen him have very interesting feuds with Kevin Owens, Rey and Dominik Mysterio, and more recently, Cesaro. 

While he's playing the bad guy perfectly on-screen, there's no doubt Seth is one of the good guys in real life. 

Over the weekend, a photograph of him buying drinks from a young child's lemonade stand went viral, and it's incredibly wholesome. 

Check out the shot below: 

Rollins purchased lemonade from a young child this weekend. Photo credit: Adam Ernst

Absolutely brilliant. These are things we love to see!

Adam Ernst, the person who shared the post on Facebook, captioned it:

"Attn: Pro wrestling fans... So Ari decided she wants to make extra money to buy an iPhone and has been doing lemonade stands for herself and you never know who will randomly show up and buy some lemonade..."  

The photo of Rollins buying lemonade has gone viral

Yep, none other than the SmackDown Saviour himself turned up to buy some lemonade. Unsurprisingly, his simple action drew a lot of praise from the internet wrestling community. 

"Rollins plays such a great heel but from what I've heard and been told, he's one of the nicest guys," one fan wrote. 

Another added: "Ahhh my Kayfabe!!! Lol no but honestly this is awesome I love seeing things like this". 

Rollins is currently a heel in WWE

"That is so adorable," a third simply said. 

He may be great at playing the 'heel' on SmackDown, but there's no doubt Rollins is a true 'face' when it comes to moments that matter! We love this, Seth! 

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