How Much Money Would Muhammad Ali Earn Boxing In 2021?

Muhammad Ali Knocks Out Cleveland Williams In 1966

Muhammad Ali is considered one of the greatest boxers in the history of the sport - but how much money would he make if he was around in 2021? 

The last few years has seen boxing transition into a completely different space; social media influencers across the globe are now stepping into the ring with some of the biggest names in the sport.

Floyd Mayweather recently fought YouTuber Logan Paul in an exhibition bout worth millions of dollars and the social media attraction is generating unprecedented numbers and figures. 

So it really does beg the question as to how much money the likes of Ali would make in this current generation. 

The more 'traditional' boxing fans are yet to get on board with the social media crossover, but times are changing and it is clear to see where the numbers are, which is why we can expect to see plenty more professional, big name boxers take on social media stars. 

Floyd Mayweather in action against Logan Paul in exhibition match

Next up is Jake Paul, brother of Logan, taking on MMA star Tyron Woodley and the build-up to the bout has already amassed plentiful engagement online. 

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Ali, who boasts 56 wins from 61 career fights, is regarded as one of the best to ever grace the sport and the financial rewards he would have received in 2021 is frightening.

Muhammad Ali Net Worth

As of 2021, Ali's net worth is valued at $80million according to Wealthy Genius. The People's Champion was extremely successful and made fantastic earnings throughout his career.

Muhammad Ali Biggest Earnings

According to Gamble Online, Ali made just $2,000 from his debut fight against Tunney Hunsaker. 

  • Muhammad Ali vs Tunney Hunsaker - October 29, 1960 - $2,000
  • Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier - March 8, 1971 - $2,500,000 
  • Muhammad Ali vs George Foreman - October 30, 1974 - $5,450,000 
  • Muhammad Ali vs Larry Holmes - October 2, 1980 - $8,000,000 

If you were to compare that with the money some of these social media stars are earning from their first bouts, it is crazy to see the transformation of boxing as a sport.

Muhammad Ali Inflated Earnings 2021

Now, taking a look at those figures above, let's see how much Ali would have made if those fights were performed in 2021 according to Gamble Online:

  • Ali vs Hunsaker - October 29, 1960 - $18,044
  • Ali vs Frazier - March 8, 1971 - $16,484,815
  • Ali vs Foreman - October 30, 1974 - $29,521,350.91
  • Ali vs Holmes - October 2, 1980 - $25,927,572.82

As you can see, Ali would have been vastly richer if the fights have occurred in 2021.

In some cases, Ali would be making over six times more than what he received at the time of the fight. With the numbers that pay-per-view packages and advertisements now generate, Ali would have been making some serious money.

For now, it is time for the traditional boxing fans to endure the social media integration of the sport and, in some ways, welcome the new fans and followers that boxing will now have as a result. 

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