YouTube vs TikTok boxing: True Geordie's live reaction to AnEsonGib result


For many fans and viewers of the YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event, they still are insistent that AnEsonGib was ‘robbed’ of a majority victory decision.

This was a view that was clearly expressed on the True Geordie's YouTube channel.

During the fight it was clear that Gib, who has 2.25 million recorded subscribers on his YouTube channel, had landed more of the shots and was completely in control of the contest.

True Geordie said: “Robbery! He won all five rounds. The decision is an absolute disgrace.”

He continued: “Taylor Holder is the money bag for pay-per-view sales. 38 total power punches landed to 16.”

The YouTube channel went on to discuss the fact that maybe they were trying to make it out that the fight was much closer than it clearly was, while they were also claiming that the organisation had obviously invested a lot already in Holder and wanted to use him for future bouts.

Indeed, once the result of the majority draw was announced, many fans on Twitter felt that it was fixed, with the hashtag #robbed trending over Twitter.

Social Gloves Entertainment, the company that produced the fight, mistakenly tweeted that Holder was the initial winner of the bout, even though that wasn’t the result. This was quickly corrected, but it certainly gave viewers the feeling that the fight was rigged from the start.

One clip shows that the referee was surprised by the decision when the result was announced and even when the scorecards was released, two judges scored the fight in favour of Gib.


Gib subsequently went on a rant on his YouTube channel following the fight's conclusion and referred to it as ‘the biggest robbery in boxing history’.

Despite the obvious disappointment of the result, however, the fight clearly demonstrated Gib’s improvement in the ring from his one-sided loss to Jake Paul last year in a six-round pro encounter.

Throughout the five-round amateur contest, True Geordie and many fans on social media had Gib winning every round, so it remains to be seen if the result will stand or change in the future.

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