Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo couldn't stand Coca Cola being at Euro 2020 press conference

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Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest athletes that football has ever seen - and it's a statement that you can interpret in one of two ways.

While, yes, Ronaldo is generally amongst the finest footballers of all time, we're also saying that the Juventus superstar has been a pioneer in the physical conditioning seen across the sport.

Besides, there are umpteen-thousand stories of Ronaldo being the first to arrive at training and the last to leave, doing everything in his power to become the best version of himself possible.

Ronaldo's physical dedication

It's a stunning level of dedication that makes him the ultimate role model for those aspiring to be a professional footballer, highlighting the level of hard work required to reach the highest level.

And to achieve the physical stature that sees him jump like an NBA player and sprint like the wind at 36-years-old, the Portuguese talisman pays close attention to every aspect of his diet.

In other words, you wouldn't see Ronaldo chowing down on a McDonald's or motoring his way through bottles of lager unless he'd just bagged himself a Champions League or Euros trophy.

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Ronaldo and Coca Cola

But of all the food and drink items that Ronaldo appears hellbent on avoiding in the quest for athletic perfection, it's the fizzy pop giants Coca Cola with which he seems to have the biggest problem.

Well, that's what you'd be forgiven for thinking based on his previous comments about Cristiano Jr drinking their products - more on that later - as well as Portugal's latest Euro 2020 press conference.

That's because Ronaldo produced a bizarre reaction when he noticed that two Coca Cola bottles had been placed in front of his seat for the media preview of Portugal's opener against Hungary.


Ronaldo moves away Coca Cola

Not only did the Juventus forward look utterly bewildered by their presence, but he proceeded to grab a hold of them and move the glassware to the side.

Then, the serial Ballon d'or winner held a bottle of water aloft and appeared to declare 'agua', which is Portuguese for 'water', to insinuate that it was the preferable refreshment to Coca Cola.

You can check out the bizarre, but nonetheless amusing, moment down below:

Ronaldo's Coca Cola history

Well, that probably won't do Ronaldo's chances of getting sponsored by Coca Cola any good, but there's certainly nothing bad about promoting the healthiest drink of all: water.

We don't profess to know just how unideal or not Coca Cola can be towards athletic performance, but it's clear that Ronaldo is keen to pick up on it even when it comes down to his son.

According to Marca, Ronaldo remarked at last year's Global Soccer Awards ceremony: "We'll see if my son will become a great footballer, he's not there yet.


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"Sometimes he drinks Coca-Cola and Fanta and eats crisps, and he knows I don't like it.

"Sometimes I tell my son to take a dip in cold water to recover after a run on the treadmill and he says, 'Dad, it's so cold there.' It's normal, he's 10 years old."

So, there you have it, Ronaldo isn't a fan of the popular drink when it comes to his own diet, that of his son's and potentially the whole world based on his press conference. You learn something every day.

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