Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson names the most important match in WWE history

The Rock has named the most important match in WWE history

Professional wrestling fans love to discuss the greatest matches, Superstars and PPVs in WWE history. 

The best thing about sports entertainment is that it's completely subjective. 

Your favourite star might be different to mine. Unless your GOAT is Shawn Michaels. If that's the case, we've picked the same. 

But there are plenty of fans who rate the likes of The Undertaker or The Rock higher than HBK... and that's absolutely cool. 

Rarely does a day go by when the Internet Wrestling Community don't discuss their favourite wrestling moments. 

This week, WWE on FOX stoked the fire by asking fans to name the 'most important match in WWE. 

That's quite a debate, right? Even Dwyane Johnson himself couldn't resist getting involved, naming  Hulk Hogan vs The Iron Sheik from 1984 as the most important of all time. 

"Hogan vs Sheik. NYC. Garden. 1984. (seminal match with historic implications and a legit bounty thrown in the mix)," he wrote, responding directly to the tweet posted by FOX. 

The match he's referring to (and that seminal moment) saw Hogan capture his first WWE Championship at the iconic Madison Square Garden, launching the Hulkamania era. 

In storyline, The Hulkster was actually a last-minute replacement in that match, as it was originally supposed to be Bob Backlund challenging The Sheik. 

Hogan escaped The Sheik's camel clutch submission

What makes the match even more iconic is that Hogan became the first-ever man to escape his opponent's devastating submission hold, the camel clutch, en-route to winning the title.

It truly was an iconic match and if a legend like The Rock himself knows the significance, then who are we to argue? 

We bet a few matches involving Johnson himself were probably mentioned in reply to the debate, too. 

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