Copa America: Videos show Lionel Messi 'deserves better' from Argentina after Chile draw


Lionel Messi was left frustrated during his Copa America opener on Monday night.

While there's certainly no shame in drawing 1-1 with two-time champions Chile, Argentina had a bundle of chances to ensure they began South America's premier competition with three points.

Besides, the 1978 and 1986 World Cup winners took the lead in Brasilia courtesy of Messi himself, watching in awe as the Barcelona superstar whipped home his latest spectacular free-kick.

Argentina 1-1 Chile

With Messi infamously coming up short in three Copa America finals, it was clear that he was keen to start the 2021 tournament, which could well prove to be his last, with absolutely nothing to lose.

However, although Messi can influence Argentina by way of popping up with stunning goals just as he did against Chile, even one of the greatest players of all time can't mollycoddle an entire team.

And Lionel Scaloni's men were dealt a crushing blow in the second-half when VAR awarded Chile a controversy penalty, which ultimately culminated in Eduardo Vargas scoring from the rebound.

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Argentina fail to find a winner

It was an unexpected twist that seemed to take the wind out Argentina sails and although it didn't stop them more creating more chances, it never felt as though they were going to score a winner.

As such, the game began to take on the familiar theme of Messi being let down by his Argentina teammates lacking that killer instinct in front of goal.

Try as the Barcelona skipper might to carve out opportunities, chance after chance seemed to pass Argentina by until the final whistle sounded for a 1-1 draw - and the footage is living proof of that.


Messi 'deserves better'

In fact, an array of videos on social media - many of which emanate from a Twitter thread by user @tarikumuletas - served to illustrate that Messi 'deserves better' from his Argentina teammates.

And regardless of whether you subscribe to that theory or not, the catalogue of Argentina misses down below really highlight the uphill battle they they face at this summer's Copa America.

Crushing misses for Argentina

Do you notice something about the first two videos? Well, if you look every closely at the clock, you'll spot that both those Nicolás González miscues transpired within the exact same minute.

And considering the game was firmly in the balance at that stage, Messi must have been tearing his hair out at the sight of González missing the target and woefully misplacing a penalty-area pass.

Now, obviously, not every opportunity was carved out by Messi, but you can bet that the Barcelona star would have put away many of those chances had they fallen into his ever-lethal path.

You can only be so hypothetical about football, it must be said, but one can't help imagining that if Argentina are going to come out on top this summer that they'll need their big chances to fall to one man in particular.

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