What is the most-watched football moment on Youtube?


The beauty of the beautiful game is that it’s just so unpredictable.

Just when you think everything that could possibly happen in football has happened, something occurs that leaves you stunned.

Football continues to come up with ways to leave us all stunned. That’s why we love it.

The advancement of technology means that fans can experience the sport’s most incredible moments as many times as they want after the event. With clips being uploaded onto social media seconds after they occur in real life, not a moment goes unnoticed.

And the benefits of the internet means everything is preserved like an online scrapbook. Fans can flick back through the pages, sit back and reminisce about whichever moment in football history they choose.

That’s where Youtube really comes into its own.

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Who is this scoring a penalty for Italy against Joe Hart?

Fans can simply search for any moment that has ever happened in the sport and watch over and over again.

But what is the most-watched moment in football history on Youtube?

Well, thanks to research from Sporting Superstars Study, Essential Living we have the answer.

They’ve compiled a list of the 10 most-watched moments in the sport and the winner has more than 15 million views at the time of writing.

And that’s Bayer Leverkusen’s ghost goal against Hoffenheim back in 2013.


Can’t remember it? Let us explain.

Stefan Kiessling headed the ball into the side netting and put his hands on his head at the missed opportunity. However, the ball somehow snuck through the net and found itself in the goal. A few players celebrated and, despite Kiessling looking extremely sheepish, the goal was awarded with very few protests.

Kiessling later said: "I saw the ball fly in the direction of the side-netting. My view was blocked and I did not see the impact, but the ball was in the goal.

"My first thought was that the goalkeeper had turned it in himself. I thought of everything, but not really of a hole in the net."

The moment has racked up more than 15m views on the platform and can be seen below:


But what other moments in football make up the top 10?

Let’s take a look:

2. Liverpool vs Barcelona 2019 Champions League Semi-Final 

Views - 14,120,438


3. Liverpool’s 2020 Champions League Knockout By Atletico Madrid

Views - 8,237,361


4. Lucas Moura’s Hat-trick Sends Spurs To The Their Very First Champions League Final

Views - 6,845,097


5. Spurs Reach Champions League Semi-Final After Eventful Second-Leg Against Manchester City

Views - 6,421,902


6. Man Utd Wins Against PSG After Marcus Rashford Scores Late Winner

Views - 5,127,286


7. Man Utd Legends Beat Bayern Munich Legends 5-0 Nill
Views - 4,745,660


8. Manchester City Right-Back Kyle Walker Volunteers To Go In Goal

Views - 4,276,600


9. Ajax’s Chances Of Winning Ruined Following Drama-Filled Game Against Chelsea  

Views - 4,130,837


10. Bayern Munich Scores 8 Goals Against Barcelona In The 2020 Champions League

Views - 4,110,193



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