Cristiano Ronaldo vs Coca-Cola: The reason he doesn't like Coke may be down to Ryan Giggs


Cristiano Ronaldo is yet to step foot on the pitch at Euro 2020 but he’s already made headlines.

On the eve of Portugal’s opener against Hungary which will be played on Tuesday evening, Ronaldo sat down for a customary press conference.

While he didn’t say anything particularly too controversial, he had everyone talking before he’d even answered a question.

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As he took his seat, he noticed two Coca-Cola bottles placed in front of him as part of a sponsorship deal with Euro 2020.

But Ronaldo had no interest in product placement and slid the bottles away to the side before saying ‘agua’, which is Portuguese for ‘water’.

Ronaldo was clearly suggesting that we should all be drinking natural water, rather than a sugary substance like Coke.

Such is Ronaldo’s popularity that share prices in Coca-Cola probably crashed immediately.

The Portuguese legend is possibly the most professional and dedicated player the sport has ever seen and we’re not one iota surprised at his decision to stick to water over Coke.

However, his hatred for the beverage may actually have come from a former Manchester United teammate.

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In a story retold by Jan Aage Fjortoft, the former footballer turned TV pundit explained how Ryan Giggs once confronted Ronaldo over a bottle of Coca-Cola – a story he heard from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

“Ronaldo came once to a breakfast with a Coke in his hands,” Fjortoft said. “Giggs pushed him on the wall and said: ‘Don’t ever do that again!'”


No wonder Ronaldo is scared to even look at a bottle of Coke again.

A single bottle reportedly has 10 teaspoons of added sugar which clearly won’t help you reach the very top of the sport with The World Health organisation recommending consuming no more than six teaspoons of added sugar daily.

On top of that, according to British pharmacist Niraj Naik, blood sugar levels increase dramatically within 20 minutes of drinking Coke, causing a burst of insulin. The liver then turns the high amounts of sugar circulating the body into fat.


While an hour after drinking a bottle, a ‘sugar crash’ could cause irritability and drowsiness.

But it turns out that Giggs was no angel as he used to work with Coke rivals Pepsi and featured in an advertisement for them.

Footballers have no shame.

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