Incredible video of bride scoring home run during wedding day rounders game goes viral


A brilliant video of a rounders game during a Pakistani wedding has gone viral.

The clip was posted on Twitter by Sabah Haneen, a TV producer and multimedia journalist at Sky News. She shared the video in response to the extension of lockdown restrictions in England, with rules on dancing and singing at weddings set to remain in place for the next month. 

Haneen explained how she got married last September, when dancing indoors was also prohibited. She organised a rounders game for the wedding day instead.

In the video, Haneen is seen hitting a ball with a bat, before kicking a bigger ball and then setting off around the rounders pitch. She is still dressed in her bridal outfit as she scores a home run.

“Dancing indoors wasn’t allowed under COVID rules when I got married in September 2020,” Haneen captioned the post. “So we played a game of rounders instead, and I scored a home run in my 24kg Pakistani wedding dress.”

The video has been shared more than 2,500 times and liked by more than 24,600 people. Twitter users have reacted to the post with joy, with one commenting: “Best thing I've seen on social media this week. Glorious.” Another complimented Haneen’s sporting ability, writing: “Sweet left foot, sign her up”.

It looks like more wedding parties will be playing rounders in the coming months. One Twitter user joked: “This needs to be compulsory at all weddings from now on. It looks such fun, so much better than traditional wedding activities. A rounder scored whilst wearing a wedding dress should surely score extra though?”

Played in England since Tudor times, rounders is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams. Players score a “rounder” by hitting the ball as far as they can and getting around the four bases on the pitch in one go. It is somewhat similar to popular American sports baseball and rounders.

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