Warzone Season 4: Menu Screen Teases That The Red Doors Could Be Opening

Warzone Season 4

Warzone Season 4 is on its way and the gaming community have asked many questions about the mysterious red doors.

It looks like they may get their answer when the new season arrives tomorrow, June 17.

There will no doubt be wholesale changes to the 1980s map of Verdansk and there have been several leaks so far, which has included new operators.

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Hopefully just like Season 3, fans will also be treated to new points of interest and weapons as well.

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Warzone Season 4 could finally reveal the secrets of the red doors

Call of Duty is building up to the new season being released and normally they show some teasers to keep fans excited and on their toes.

It looks like the same has happened again as they have updated their menu screen in Warzone to show the mysterious red door.

These red doors can be seen around the battle royale map and have been spoken about before. The one difference they have from the menu screen is that they are closed.

Therefore, the fact that Warzone has provided an update with the door as the loading screen suggests that fans will finally be able to see what the use is in the game. These doors were also spotted in one of the teaser trailers that the game provided.

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One of the rumours around these doors is that they will be the new way to fast travel, with the subway removed. This would be interesting to see and seems to be many fans' suggestions.

However, if it is not a new way to travel, then many fans will be unsure as to what is actually behind these red doors and it would be quite a shock.

All should hopefully be revealed when the new season is finally available for fans to get their hands on.

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