Logan Paul backs himself against Mike Tyson after draw with Floyd Mayweather


Logan Paul has been weighing up potential matchups for his next fight after an impressive performance against Floyd Mayweather.

One name that has come up is ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson, and Paul believes he could beat him.

Earlier this month, Logan Paul survived for eight rounds against the much lighter ‘Money’ Mayweather in an exhibition bout. The bizarre terms of the fight meant that there were no judges, so making it to the final bell meant Paul could claim the draw against one of the greatest of all time.

While a quick look at Floyd’s recent bouts suggested he was always going to dance around the ring, it was still a big win for the YouTuber.

Someone who certainly wouldn’t mess around is Mike Tyson, but that’s who Logan now has his sights set on.


Speaking on his podcast, Paul said: “My lawyer mentioned it and he was like, ‘No, Tyson will rip your head off, you don’t stand a chance’.

“I’m like ‘bro, I literally just went through all of this, you can’t tell me I can’t beat Mike Tyson. Bro, he’s old, old.'”

Mike Tyson is back in the game and looking for exhibition fights. He is aiming to fight again in September and is now in training for a potential bout.

Last year, after a 15-year retirement, Tyson laced up the gloves once more to fight Roy Jones Jr at the grand old age of 54. The bout was somehow declared a draw, despite Tyson dominating his 51-year-old opponent.


The co-main event that evening saw Logan’s brother Jake beat retired basketball player Nate Robinson by way of KO. Tyson and Paul have become friendly since, and the heavyweight bruiser appeared on his podcast in the lead up to the Mayweather fight.

Tyson stated that Mayweather would easily beat him, however, after Paul claimed the draw, Tyson held his hands up.

Speaking to Paul over FaceTime, Tyson said: “You kicked his a**. You’re bad, I was wrong! I’m proud of you, you kicked a**, I’m proud of you. Everybody’s talking about you, you’re the man. You went eight rounds with the greatest of all times, I was telling people they don’t want to try that s***. You got him with those punches.”

Does Logan’s impressive performance give him a realistic chance against Tyson? Paul doesn’t hold the same weight advantage he had over Mayweather. He fought at around 86kg against Mayweather while Tyson came in at just under 100kg against Jones.

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Who is this heavyweight boxer?

Although Tyson is 54 and Paul is in his prime, a fully focused Tyson is aggressive and relentless. Unlike Floyd, he will go for the knockout.

Tyson’s performance in the fight showed he still has a phenomenal defence, great speed and power. Despite the two getting on well, Tyson is ultra-competitive and will come to take his head clean off. Paul could get seriously hurt.

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