Andriy Yarmolenko mocked Cristiano Ronaldo vs Coca Cola incident after Euro 2020 win

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Andriy Yarmolenko has joined the long list of players to get involved in Euro 2020's bizarre Coca Cola controversy.

Ronaldo vs Coca Cola situation

Nobody could possibly have predicted that Cristiano Ronaldo moving a few Coca Cola bottles to the side would have become a prevailing narrative at the tournament but alas, here we are.

It's now been three days since the Juventus superstar was perturbed to see the famous fizzy drink placed in front of him for a press conference previewing Portugal's opening clash with Hungary.

However, his declaration of 'agua', which is Portuguese for 'water', has sent ripples through the tournament with Manuel Locatelli even jumping on the bandwagon by the repeating the gesture.

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Jokes about Coca Cola scenario

At the other end of the spectrum, some players have taken the fiasco with a bit more humour and Scotland's John McGinn was even seen making a jovial reference to the incident on Thursday.

And while McGinn casually musing: "nae Coke?" is certainly amusing, we're inclined to think that Andriy Yarmolenko went one better after Ukraine secured a 2-1 win over North Macedonia.

The West Ham United winger scored for the second Euro 2020 game in a row and was making an appearance in front of the world press for having earned the Man of the Match award.


Yarmolenko mocks Ronaldo incident

And - you guessed it - there were drinks from the tournament sponsors on display with Coca Cola and Heineken bottles quickly grabbing his attention with hilarious results.

According to a translation from Reuters, Yarmolenko reacted to the bottles by saying with a grin: "Can I do something? I saw Ronaldo doing this.

"I want to move the (Coca-Cola bottles) here and I want to move the beer here. Coke and Heineken, please get in touch."

Brilliant. You can check out the footage of Yarmolenko jokingly asking for sponsorship down below:

You just couldn't help yourself, could you, Andriy?

Yarmolenko: Get in touch

While, yes, there are very serious undertones to Ronaldo snubbing Coca Cola for water, we can't help cracking a smile at somebody also embracing the stranger side of the controversy.

Besides, Yarmolenko might be one of the greatest players in modern Ukrainian history, but it's not a slight on him to say that he wouldn't be the first name on Coke's list of players to sponsor.


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Nevertheless, when it's becoming vogue for players to move the Coca Cola bottles to the side, stranger things have happened than the drinks giants genuinely getting in touch with him.

Either way, though, his actions will certainly bring a smile to the faces of supporters as Euro 2020's strangest narrative threatens never to turn flat.

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