Eddie Hall leg press: Hafthor 'Thor' Bjornsson's opponent benching 1,000KG


With exactly three months to go until he steps into the ring to box long-time rival Hafthor Bjornsson, former World’s Strongest Man winner Eddie Hall is deep into his preparations for the contest.

Making the transition from the strongman arena to the world of boxing is no simple task, but neither Bjornsson or Hall have shied away from the challenge. The 33-year-old Brit has shed a massive 38kg (almost six stone) in order to get ready for his September 18 bout with Bjornsson in Las Vegas.

The six-round clash, which is being billed as ‘the heaviest in boxing history’, is not a publicity stunt or a novelty attraction designed to line the pockets of both men. There is some very real bad blood between the pair, stemming from Hall’s WSM victory.

Hall vs Bjornsson Beef

Hall narrowly defeated Bjornsson to claim the 2017 crown – a loss that the Icelander has always disputed. Bjornsson, best known for playing ‘The Mountain’ in Game of Thrones, has been very vocal over the years about the fact that he feels he was cheated out of the title.

Bjornsson had his final rep in the Viking Press event disqualified, handing victory to Hall. ‘Thor’ maintains that the decision was wrong – and that he is the rightful champion.


As you might expect, this does not sit well with Hall, who is angry that Bjornsson is attempting to discredit his greatest accomplishment. The two men will get the opportunity to settle their differences inside the ropes. 

Hall’s incredible weight loss is a testament to how seriously he is taking the contest. When he sets his mind to something, the Staffordshire man typically delivers – as proven by the multiple competitive strongman world records that he currently holds.

However, there was famously one occasion where the mighty ‘Beast’ could not overcome a challenge that he set for himself. 

1,000KG Leg Press

During a video uploaded to his own YouTube channel entitled “Passed out doing 1,000kg leg press,” Hall took his fans through one of his workouts. Hall managed the opening stages of his session with ease, but came into difficulty after tackling a monstrous amount of weight on the leg press.


The leg press machine in the gym can be loaded with a maximum weight of 850kg, a number that Hall deals with fairly comfortably. Then, though, the Brit decides to make things even more interesting by adding further weights on top – giving him a frightening total of 1,000kg to lift.

Hall informs his subscribers that the 1,000kg mark is his current personal best – and then begins his attempt to crank out a set with the insane load. To his credit, Hall manages four reps (which is a sight to see in itself). On his fifth rep, though, the sheer size of the task that he has set himself causes Hall’s body to shut down.

Hall passes out as soon as he has lifted the huge weight for the fifth time and is visibly disorientated for a few moments afterwards.

“Did I just black out then?” Hall asks his cameraman shortly after coming round.


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The fact that Hall is willing to share footage of his attempt at such a staggering feat should tell you everything you need to know about his mental toughness. He demands the very best out of himself and will surely bring that same mindset into his boxing bout with Bjornsson later this year.

It will not be technical classic, but both men are going all out in training to try and claim bragging rights over one another.

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