Euro 2020: Romelu Lukaku jumps on 'Coca-Cola gate' bandwagon with sponsorship joke

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When the marketing team at Coca-Cola landed a deal with UEFA to display their products at Euro 2020 press conferences, they were probably quite pleased with themselves.

Having your wares shown in the same images as some of the finest footballing talent on the planet can only be a good thing, right? 

What they could never have predicted however, was the monstrous publicity storm they were in for within only the first week of the championship.

Cristiano Ronaldo came close to breaking the internet when he moved two bottles of Coca-Cola from out of his view and urged the watching world to drink water instead during a presser.

Coke's market value plummeted through the floor but the sort of attention they are now getting from all quarters is absolutely priceless.

Just about everyone involved with the championships has jumped on the fizzy bandwagon after the Ronaldo clip went viral.

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John McGinn's cheeky little dig yesterday left the media in stitches, Russia's coach nigh on necked an entire bottle before he'd even been asked a question and now Romelu Lukaku has joined the party.

Sitting to down to chat with the media following Belgium's hard-fought win over Denmark, Lukaku jokingly called out Coca-Cola looking for a sponsorship.

'Coca-Cola, call RocNation, we can work together.'

Roc Nation Sports, a company founded by music sensation Jay Z, is the group Lukaku uses to manage his affairs.

While it's clearly a tongue-in-cheek offer, it's another example of a global superstar seeing the funny side of all the fuss over Ronaldo's gesture.

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While the big wigs at Coke won't have enjoyed watching their share price fall off a cliff, they will know that, in the long term, this publicity is absolutely brilliant for their bottom line.

A company of the size of Coca-Cola will soon recover from that stock fall and you can be certain their canny advertising team will be leaning right in to all the drama surrounding the brand.

In the end, by doing what he did, Ronaldo has ultimately handed the company a massive leg-up by providing them with the sort of publicity that no amount of money could ever afford.

Now we simply wait to see how the global giants spin the incident in their favour.

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