Pokemon GO: YouTuber warns players not to download latest update

YouTuber Trainer Tips is not impressed with the latest Pokémon GO update.

Players are being warned not to download the latest version of Pokémon GO onto their mobile devices.

The augmented reality series is currently running the Season of Discovery event which incorporate the game’s fifth anniversary with the Pokémon GO Fest 2021 that will be taking place in July.

With it edging ever closer, Niantic are continuing to iron out creases within the game to prevent bugs and glitches sneaking their way in when the event gets underway.

While the gaming community braces in anticipation, Niantic have continued to roll out updates for the time being, while one person in particular identified a serious health hazard with the latest one.

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Pokemon GO Fest 2021 will get underway in July 2021.

Trainer Tips offers Pokemon GO warning

YouTuber Trainer Tips, who currently has 975,000 subscribers, did not waste time by warning players about those that suffer from epilepsy.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, he said: “I need to start today’s video with a PSA (public service announcement). The latest version of Pokémon GO – it’s just bad!

“The Android update, if you have it, is incredibly laggy, it’s really bad after playing for a little while. Super laggy, super low framerate, really buggy, maybe to a little bit of a lesser extent on iOS.

“But more importantly, there is a very bright flash, even brighter than before when you encounter a Pokémon. So if you are someone with any kind of photosensitivity that can cause epileptic seizures or anything like that, please do not update to the newest version of Pokémon GO.”

The YouTuber added that the “problem version” is 0.211 for Android devices which can be checked in the bottom right-hand corner of the settings screen, and 1.177 for iOS.

This sounds very serious and could have serious implications for those affected by what Trainer Tips said. 

We certainly hope that Niantic are listening to this so that this can be resolved immediately.

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