Luis Enrique made Coca Cola point before Cristiano Ronaldo during Euro 2020 presser

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The Coca-Cola drama at Euro 2020 just keeps fizzing away.

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Coca Cola

It seems like not a second has gone by without the drinks giant making headlines around the world after Cristiano Ronaldo decided to shun the product during a press conference on Monday.

Sure, Ronaldo might be the most recognisable footballer on the planet, but nobody could possibly have expected his promotion of 'agua' to become such a major narrative at the tournament.

But alas, here we are because it feels like every press conference either has a player following in Ronaldo's footsteps by snubbing the brand or finding a way to make light of the situation.

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How did everything start?

However, regardless of where this bizarre and unexpected Coca Cola train takes us, we can at least feel safe in the knowledge that we know how the whole thing started, right? Right???

Well, that's potentially not quite the case because although Ronaldo's gesture certainly set the wheels in motion for all the drama, he wasn't the first person to take aim at Coca Cola this year.

In fact, the Juventus superstar wasn't even the first person to have a pop at Coca Cola during Euro 2020 with footage instead suggesting that Luis Enrique set the controversial wheels in motion.

Was Luis Enrique actually first?

That's because Spanish newspaper Marca have pointed out the Las Rojas coach made a comment about the major drinks brand before the pre-match press conference for the Sweden game.


Now, for those scrambling around to find their Euro 2020 wall chart, allow us to confirm that Spain's press conference for their opening 0-0 draw took place the day before, which was Sunday.

And that means Enrique's very own dig at Coca Cola, albeit one spoken with a suggestion of humour, predated Ronaldo's provocative gesture by around 24 hours. 

According to a translation from Football Espana, Enrique said before facing the questions on Sunday: “It’s Coca Cola Zero. It’s the sponsor? Don’t drink Coca Cola, kids.”

"Don't drink Coca Cola, kids"

If anything, Enrique openly advising children not drink to Coke is more of a direct blow to the brand than Ronaldo moving the bottles to the side regardless of whether it was meant seriously or not.

But even if you thought Enrique was only joking around, it's certainly interesting that the wheels of the Coca Cola situation where in motion before Ronaldo even lifted a finger.


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It's doubtful that Ronaldo's actions were influenced by Enrique speaking out, but it's clear that Coke bottles being on the table have provoked some, erm, interesting reactions from Euro 2020 figures.

I'm not sure the world could handle another Ronaldo presser at the tournament. Just imagine.

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