Julio Cesar Chavez: Wild moment boxing legend tries to remove headgear mid-fight

  • Tom Ward
Julio Cesar Chavez

Julio Cesar Chavez showed his warrior spirit by trying to remove his headgear in his exhibition bout against Hector Camacho Jr in the main event of ‘Tribute to the Kings’.

Former three-weight world champion Chavez Sr showed flashes of his wild side on Saturday night during the 58-year-old boxing legend’s return to the ring for a nostalgic exhibition bout with the 42-year-old Camacho Jr at the Jalisco Stadium in Guadalajara, Mexico. 

Despite the difference in age, the old warhorse gave as good as he got with equal measure, much to the frustration of the son of his mortal enemy.

Both fighters landed their fair share of illegal blows, so it’s hardly surprising that tempers soon flared in the third round, which sparked one of the most extraordinary moments in recent memory. 


In a wild exchange, Camacho caught Chavez with a late punch after the third-round bell, which provoked Chavez into a bitter rage.

The Mexican star was duly outraged, and he marched back to his corner in a foul temper, where he tried in vain to rip his headgear off but to no avail. 

He ultimately managed to remove the padded helmet without any regard for his safety with the aid of his cornermen, prompting Camacho to do the same.

Julio Cesar Chavez

Thankfully, calmer heads prevailed, and the fight eventually continued after some words of  encouragement from their relatives sat ringside.  

Chavez, who was joined on the big stage by his sons Omar Chavez and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, fought gallantly against Camacho Jr, who also had his moments. 

Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez also joined in on the fun as he cornered his fellow countryman for the final round of his legendary career much to the delight of the Mexican crowd. 

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After the fight, Chavez could be spotted embracing Canelo, which was seen by many as a passing of the torch moment.

“Chavez will always be the greatest Mexican fighter ever,” Alvarez said.

The night, though, was all about the 58-year-old, who smiled and waved to the Mexican throng with his hands above his head in sheer elation.

It was the perfect way for the fighter known as ‘The Lion of Culiacan’ to cap an unprecedented boxing career doing what he loved best. 

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