Cristiano Ronaldo's body transformation between Euro 2004 and Euro 2020 is so impressive

  • Kobe Tong

Cristiano Ronaldo is the ultimate footballing machine.

Ronaldo shows off his physique

While Portugal might have left the Allianz Arena with their tail between their legs on Saturday, you certainly couldn’t accuse their captain of not putting in a shift.

The Juventus superstar bagged himself a goal and an assist during the 4-2 defeat to Germany, edging ever closer to Ali Daei’s international scoring record in the process.

And although the final whistle ultimately brought with it disappointment, Ronaldo still had time to remind the world of his incredible physique by whipping off his Portugal jersey at full time.

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Ronaldo’s dedication to his body

It’s no secret that Ronaldo has a rather aesthetically-pleasing torso and no doubt many of you reading now wish that you had a physique like the Portuguese icon deep down.

However, just because we’ve become so used to Ronaldo looking shredded, it doesn’t make it any less incredible that he’s looking so fit and lean when he’s closer to his 40th birthday than his 30th.

And it’s even more staggering when you consider the physical journey that Ronaldo has been on across his footballing career and the general maturation of his body.

In fact, Ronaldo’s status as the only player to have ever appeared at five European Championships has provided the perfect vehicle through which we can demonstrate his body transformation.


Ronaldo’s body transformation

Besides, when Ronaldo took to the pitch at his first Euros back in 2004, the Manchester United youngster was only 19 years old and still filling out.

As such, when you compare photos of Ronaldo whipping off his Portugal jersey in celebration all those years ago to his topless exit in Munich at the week, the difference is clear for all to see.

And while, yes, Ronaldo was still looking pretty hench in his teens, it doesn’t compare to the sporting machine that he’s evolved into as he’s grown. Check out the impressive difference below:


The ultimate footballing machine

You can see the groundwork for Ronaldo to become an absolute tank during those Euro 2004 snaps, but they don’t compare to the rippling physique that you see 15 years down the line.

Now, it’s worth noting that the Instagram archetype of a toned body is not inherently tied to being incredibly fit and everybody’s physique – whether in shape or not – is completely unique to them.

But given the umpteen-thousand stories of Ronaldo being the first and last at training, as well as his immaculate diet and gym work, it’s fair to say that it’s a positive evolution for the Portugal star.


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After all, you just have to look at his lung-busting run for his counterattacking goal against Germany to see what we’re talking about here and it’s helped his career to endure at the highest level.

So, sure, Ronaldo has always been a footballing unit at the Euros, but there’s no denying that he’s sharpened his tools and moved into a whole new gear as his career has progressed.

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