Cricketer hits massive six but smashes car windscreen in the process


You cannot beat a bit of amateur-level sport.

Some of the footage that comes from a Sunday League football game are simply sensational. There’s a reason they go viral a lot of the time.

But it’s not just amateur-level football that provides golden nuggets of content, oh no! Cricket can also be a source of viral footage, and that was the case this past weekend.

Asif Ali was playing for Illingworth St Mary’s Cricket Club against Sowerby St Peter’s in the Halifax Cricket League Crossley Shield quarter-final.

It looked like Ali was having a good innings until he blasted a ball into his own car, shattering the rear window of the Vauxhall Zafira in the process.

The batsman had hit a “massive six” according to his club, only for the ball to be sent whistling into the car park and an agonising smash to be heard throughout the ground.

He dropped to his knees and buried his head in his hands after realising what had just happened, while spectators and his fellow players all burst out in synchronised laughter.

Thankfully for Ali, his efforts weren’t in vain and his shot was awarded six runs by a chuckling umpire after it cleared the boundary and ended up in the car park. 

After the game, the club told the Yorkshire Evening Post that he was “devastated afterwards, but could see the funny side of it all.”

Later adding that an onlooker shouted “Asif, please can we have your keys so that we can open your car and get the ball back?”


Illingworth St Mary’s would go on to lose the fixture by seven wickets, but the club will get to enjoy some well-deserved limelight after this hilarious mishap.

A similar incident happened in New Zealand back in 2014.

Jesse Ryder smashed the ball out of the arena while playing for Otago Volts in the Georgie Pie Super Smash. The shot landed in the car park, unbelievably denting the rental car of legendary commentator Ian Smith.

If there’s one thing to be learned from these two incidents, it’s not to park too close to a cricket ground.

Maybe next time they’ll consider getting the bus.

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