WWE Hell in a Cell: Charlotte Flair's five words to Rhea Ripley after match

The RAW Women’s Championship match at WWE Hell in a Cell last night saw Charlotte Flair defeat Rhea Ripley after the Australian was disqualified for hitting her opponent with the cover of the announcer’s table.

In what was a rather feisty affair, as you'd expect with these two Superstars, both fighters were going at it hammer and tongs... that was until it all boiled over and went too far, according to the match official, anyway.

While the disqualification may have been controversial, it almost certainly means we haven't seen the last of the Charlotte and Ripley feud.

While Flair won the fight on paper, Ripley was the one who left with the championship belt due to champion's advantage and the title not changing hands when there's a disqualification.

As the fight concluded, the camera cut to a downed Flair, who was using the ropes to try and pull herself up, before she shouted towards Ripley, who was making her way back up the entrance ramp: “You’re learning b****, you’re learning.”

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Despite the unsatisfying win for Flair in the eyes of the judges, Ripley is still the title holder after holding onto her gold. That ending, however, will ultimately spell more friction in the near future between these two.

Flair Has Her Eyes on the Prize

Flair spoke to Bleacher Report recently about how she has struggled to go on a successful title run in the last few years.

She was quoted as saying: “Yes, I'm the 13-time champion, but really, in the last couple of years, I have not had a successful title run. Yes, I've been in the title picture non-stop, but besides the tag titles, I haven't been the champion.”

Given Flair’s championship aspirations, fans can expect another clash between her and Ripley soon, as that ending will not only have left the fighters unsatisfied (well, Flair more than Ripley), but also the fans, who are still questioning the disqualification on the internet.

Flair has a lot to prove, and after missing WrestleMania 37 as well, she has quite the rest of the year ahead of her, as well as quite the foe in Ripley to steal the RAW women’s title from.