Starfield: Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer, Size, Switch, PS5, Latest News and Everything You Need To Know


The highly anticipated game Starfield is on its way and we have all the information you need to know before it is released.

The science-fiction RPG game, was developed by Bethesda (who also made popular games Fallout and Elder Scrolls).

To be made by the same people who made Fallout and Elder Scrolls has meant that a lot of the gaming community are hyping it up and it has a lot of pressure to succeed.

A lot has been revealed about the game already, which has provided gamers with a good insight into what to expect at the E3 Event and we have all you need to know down below.

Latest News

Any news regarding Starfield will appear here in due course. Stick with us and we will bring you the very latest from Bethesda over the coming months.

June 30th: The trailer for the game is revealed and it gives fans an exciting glimpse of what the game has to offer.

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Release Date

The game will be released on the 11th November 2022. If there are any beta releases or anything along these lines we will update you.

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For now, fans haven’t seen proper video game footage of Starfield yet but when they do we will provide you with all the latest updates you need.


At the latest E3 trailer, fans got their first proper look at the game via a teaser trailer. It showed the spaceships you look to be flying, what the inside of them will look like and a bit of the environment of the universe you are in.

Will it be available on the PS5 and Switch?

It has been revealed that Starfield is an exclusive one, and the console having the exclusive rights to the game is the Xbox.

Therefore, it will not be available on the PS5 or Nintendo Switch and it will only be available on the Xbox One or the Xbox Series X/S.

File Size

With the release of Starfield not due for a while, the file size hasn’t been confirmed. When we know the exact file size, we will update you.

The game has shown that it promises to be a great one involving space and fans will be excitedly waiting for it to be released next year.

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