Argentina's Lionel Messi kept his promise to Brazilian fan with Barcelona tattoo of him

  • Kobe Tong

Lionel Messi is adored by millions around the globe.

Messi adored by millions

It’s only natural when you’re arguably the greatest player in the history of the world’s most popular sport that you’re going to be idolised by supporters from every corner of the globe.

And Messi‘s remarkable footballing talents have touched some fans to such an extent that they are taking images of him to the grave by way of getting a tattoo.

It must feel incredibly surreal for Messi to see supporters with pictures of him inked onto their bodies, but his sporting achievements really do mean that much to those who idolise him most.

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Brazilian fan’s amazing tattoo

However, of all the people to have sported a Messi tattoo over the years, it’s hard to think of many that have been better than that of Brazilian fan Igor Magalhaes.

According to ESPN, Magalhaes is the man behind viral photographs and videos that show him with a stunning tattoo on his back that displays Messi’s iconic shirt celebration at the Bernabeu.

You know, the one where he whipped off his Barcelona jersey after bagging a last-minute winner in El Clasico during the 2016/17 campaign just so Madristas knew who exactly had scored.


Messi reaches out to Magalhaes

And across three sessions in 2019, that was the moment that Magalhaes chose in order to immortalise his idol and credit where credit is due because it makes for a stunning piece of artwork.

In fact, it was such an incredible dedication to Messi that it attracted the attention of the Barcelona skipper himself who reacted to the ink with a rare comment on Instagram.

When broadcasters TyC Sports shared the artwork, Messi jokingly commented in response: “Terrible tattoo! I love it! I would like to see it and sign it.”


Well, the ‘terrible’ part was the joke and Messi’s promise to sign it most certainly wasn’t because the 34-year-old proved to be a man of his word during Copa America 2021 this summer.

Messi meets his mega fan

A rendezvous was organised between the fan and Messi outside Argentina’s hotel in Brasilia at the weekend, making for a touching moment where the signature was secured.

Armed with a marker pen, Messi made a trip over to Magalhaes with the team’s head of security and penned his signature to the side of the tattoo before heading on his way.


TyC Sports reports that Magalhaes – who works as a military firefighter – then ensured that the signature would never fade away by getting it tattooed shortly afterwards.

The Brazilian told journalist Matias Pelliccioni: “I thought Messi was not going to stop. I saw him, he looked at me and turned my back. I am happy forever, there are no more words to describe this. I want to say thank you very much to all the Argentine people.”


You love to see it. Regardless of what Messi goes on to achieve at this summer’s Copa America, he can rest assured that he will – at the very least – have touched one supporter very profoundly.

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