Jess Fishlock, Caroline Hansen: Players criticise UEFA for refusing to light up Allianz

Allianz Arena

Ahead of Germany's clash against Hungary in the Euros tomorrow, the mayor of Munich requested UEFA light up the Allianz Arena in rainbow colours as a way to support Pride Month and take a stand against a new anti-LGBTQ+ content law in Hungary.

Outrage has sparked over the new law, which prohibits the promotion of homosexuality and gender change for under 18s. Mayor Dieter Reiter requested the Allianz be lit up when it hosts Germany vs Hungary in order to take a stand against the abhorrent rule.

However, UEFA declined Reiter's proposal, stating such a gesture would be taken in "political context", which the footballing body is not promoting during the European Championships.

Naturally, social media is in uproar over the decision, particularly given the fact UEFA has tweeted in the past that football "is everyone's game" and LGBTQ+ individuals are as much a part of the sport as anyone else. This post from 2019 has resurfaced and many are drawing comparisons between the evident changes in stance.

Women's football icons have taken to their respective platforms to speak out on the situation, with the likes of Jess Fishlock, Caroline Graham Hansen and Katie McCabe airing their thoughts.

"Shame on you @UEFA for not letting München light up the stadium in the rainbow colours!" Barcelona's Hansen wrote. "You know better than calling this a political motivated action. This is a matter of equality, humanity and taking a stand against hate!"

Fishlock, who is one of football's biggest advocates for promoting equality, has encouraged Bayern Munich to go ahead with their plan to light up the stadium. Her sentiment has been echoed by Arsenal star McCabe and an abundance of supporters who are disgusted by UEFA's decision.

In retaliation to the news, several Bundesliga clubs have announced they will be decorating their own respective stadiums. The likes of Wolfsburg and Hertha Berlin will fly the colours of the rainbow flag tomorrow evening to make a stand against discrmination and show their support for the LGBTQ+ community.

When football is not united against hate, hate wins. Sporting bodies simply must do better to stand against discrimination and make football a safe space for all.

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