England vs Czech Republic: Lightning strikes twice for Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling

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England made a strong start to their final Euro 2020 group game against the Czech Republic.

England vs Czech Republic

Having looked bereft of attacking ideas during the 0-0 draw with Scotland, Jack Grealish took just 11 minutes to make his impact felt at Wembley Stadium with brilliant combination play.

The Aston Villa star floated a lovely cross into the penalty area with Raheem Sterling arriving at the back post to head home his second goal of Euro 2020.

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However, there was an unfortunate moment of deja vu for the Three Lions before half-time, reminding England fans of the heartbreaking 2018 World Cup semi-final defeat to Croatia.

Moment of deja vu for England fans

That's because Harry Kane had a major opportunity to put England 2-0 in London when he forced a brilliant save from Tomas Vaclik.

But many fans pointed out that he could actually have squared the ball to Sterling. Does that sound familiar? You bet it does because that's exactly what happened three years ago in Moscow.

Footage appears to show that Kane had the chance to slip the ball across the penalty area with his left foot, but instead decided to cut inside and fire off a shot that was prompted batted away.

It's an eerily reminiscent situation to 2018 with both chances taking place at the same end with the same score and in similar minutes, so be sure to check out some of the contrasts below:

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Uncanny similarities

Now, it goes without saying that fans pointing out the comparisons are obviously joking for the most part and poor Kane can't be expected to see everything happening around him every ten seconds.

But it's certainly amusing that Kane and Sterling found themselves in a situation so reminiscent of a moment that still gives England fans nightmares.


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Besides, had Kane passed the ball to Sterling all those years ago in Russia, there's good reason to think that England would have gone 2-0 up and qualified for the World Cup final.

Thankfully, the stakes were nowhere near as high on this occasion in north London, but you'd be forgiven for thinking that England could have doubled their lead in both instances.

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