England 1-0 Czech Republic: AFTV star Troopz films himself getting kicked out of Wembley

  • Rob Swan

Arsenal Fan TV (AFTV) pundit Troopz filmed himself getting kicked out of Wembley during England’s Euro 2020 fixture against the Czech Republic on Tuesday night.

In a series of clips posted on Instagram, the social media star can be seen being escorted away from the stadium by security staff.

He then posted a video of himself watching the match from a pub located near the stadium.


The social media star, who became an internet celebrity thanks to his animated and often humorous rants about his beloved Arsenal, attended the Group D match to cheer on Gareth Southgate’s side while filming his reactions to the game.

Troopz and a cameraman - known as @WayneJetskiii on Twitter, per The Daily Mail - filmed the pre-match scenes, including the teams coming out of the tunnel prior to kick-off.

However, the next video on Troopz’s Instagram story showed him and the cameraman being led away from Wembley by a group of security guards.

Video: Troopz gets kicked out of Wembley

They ensured all of this was caught on camera, with Troopz expressing his bewilderment at the decision to remove them from the premises.

“For vlogging!” Troopz said. “For vlogging, blud. You’re famous now, blud.”

Watch the video in full here…

After being kicked out of Wembley, @WayneJetskiii tweeted: “Just in case anyone is wondering.
@TroopzAFC and I have been to the last 2 England matches at Wembley. I’ve brought in a camera PER THE RULES at Wembley and only filmed Troopz reactions. We got kicked out today during “God Save The Queen” as I panned around the stadium. SAD!”


He added: “I also offered to check the camera and lock it up for remainder of the game and was further ushered out of the stadium”.


Troopz, meanwhile, added: “… @wembleystadium we’re waiting for your reply?!”


The Daily Mail say that Wembley’s rules state: 'No person (other than a person who holds an appropriate license) may bring into the Ground or use within the Ground any equipment which is capable of recording or transmitting (by digital or other means) any audio, visual, or audio-visual material or any information or data in relation to the Event of the Ground.'

England face tough Round of 16 test

Troopz and his friend subsequently missed Raheem Sterling score the only goal of the game in the 12th minute.

In truth, though, they didn’t miss much else. This isn’t a game that’ll live long in the memory.


England will take on the runner-up from Group F (France, Germany, Portugal or Hungary) in the Round of 16 at Wembley on Tuesday evening.

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