Halo Infinite: Will split screen be available?

Halo Infinite is the latest edition of the series that arguably put Microsoft on the console map.

The upcoming first-person shooter will continue the adventures of the legendary protagonist Master Chief and his adventures within the Reclaimer Saga, in what has been described as "his greatest adventure yet to save humanity" (via Gamesradar).

While the single-player aspect of the game has been a huge part of 343 Industries' success, one of the more iconic game modes within the Halo series was the split screen.

Halo Infinite was heavily featured during E3 2021 and we saw a number of trailers that included the game's overview and the multiplayer reveal, as well as an in-depth look during the Xbox and Bethesda showcase of the expo.

That being said, questions are being asked regarding the fundamental modes that made the original games so great will be maintained in the sixth instalment of the franchise.

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Will Halo Infinite have split screen?

The great news is that, yes, split-screen will be included in Halo Infinite. 

This was confirmed by 343 themselves last year (via Gamesradar), with the studio head Chris Lee confirming with some fanfare that "we will have split-screen and we will have co-op when we launch Halo Infinite."

These days, split-screen tends to be overlooked by some of the gaming industry's biggest titles. But the fact that Halo's developers have opted to bring this back will delight their fanbase.

Master Chief's return as well will provide a nostalgic spin to a game that will be making its debut on next-generation consoles, Xbox Series X and S.

Time will tell whether split-screen will live up to the high expectations for gamers that kept them coming back for more.

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