Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo might not hold international goalscoring record for very long

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Cristiano Ronaldo is on the brink of making international football history.

Ronaldo chasing history

When the Juventus superstar rounded off a stunning Portugal counterattack at the weekend, he moved to 107 international goals and within just two strikers of Ali Daei's coveted world record.

Therefore, it seems inevitable that Ronaldo will eventually be crowned the greatest goalscorer in the history of international football and he could well achieve the feat before Euro 2020 is out.

And there's a high likelihood that Ronaldo reaching 110 goals for Portugal this summer would see him celebrating a new world record with the Euros Golden Boot to go with it.

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Ronaldo's reign might be brief

However, even if it takes another 10 or 20 caps for Ronaldo to score three more goals for his nation, it would take a career-ending injury or shock retirement for him to not to claim the record.

But what if we were to tell you that Ronaldo might not be on the throne for very long.

Ok, go ahead and accuse us of putting the cart before the horse here, but Spanish newspaper Marca made a fascinating point about Ronaldo's hunt for international history on Monday.

And it revolves around the fact that the international game is currently playing host to a number of goalscorers so prolific that Ronaldo could lose the record within just a few years of claiming it.


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Lukaku on course for history

Marca's argument largely centred around Romelu Lukaku who doesn't get anywhere near the level of credit he deserves for a frankly astonishing goalscoring record for Belgium.

The Inter Milan striker has scored three times at Euro 2020 to move his tally to 63 strikes in just 96 caps, which is all the more astonishing when you remember that he's just 28 years old.

It also means that Lukaku has a superior goal-per-game ratio in international football and lest we forget that Ronaldo had 'only' scored 40 times for Portugal when he reached his 100th cap.

As such, it's well within Lukaku's hands to claim the record whatever figure Ronaldo lays down by the time he retires on the assumption that he can vaguely maintain his current scoring rate.

But considering Lukaku isn't even 30 years old yet, it's fair to say that time is on his side.


Neymar waiting in the wings

However, even if you're the biggest skeptic in the business and don't think for one second that Lukaku could possibly overtake Ronaldo then there's still reason to think his record is under threat.

And that's all down to Neymar who is closing in on Pele's record goalscoring tally for Brazil with a mind-bending record of 68 goals in 107 caps before his 30th birthday.

Even with Neymar's infamous injury record, that still puts him well on course to breathe down Ronaldo's neck in the years to come because his goal-per-game ratio is - you guessed it - superior.


So, while it will undoubtedly be a historic moment when Ronaldo inevitably makes history with his 110th international goal, let's just say that the Juventus star shouldn't get too precious of the feat.

Besides, unless Ronaldo ploughs on well beyond his 40th birthday, we could have a fascinating battle between Neymar and Lukaku on our hands.

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