Euro 2020 day 13: Cristiano Ronaldo instructs Karim Benzema and other things you missed

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The group stages of Euro 2020 are now done and dusted.

Euro 2020 group stages

We've had to say goodbye to Turkey, Finland, Russia, North Macedonia, Scotland, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary, but now the tournament is really getting serious.

Forget all the confusion of third-placed teams and the maths degree required to work out the round of 16 fixtures because it's all down to a straight knockout competition from here on out.

However, before we get ahead of ourselves and jump head first into Euro 2020's second round, we'd be remiss not to look back on a chaotic end to the group stages on Wednesday.

Portugal 2-2 France Highlights | Euro 2020 (Football Terrace)

Drama here, there and everywhere

Besides, it says everything about the carnage in the 'Group of Death' in particular that Portugal occupied every single spot from 1st down to 4th at some point during the night. Madness.

Marry that to a deluge of goals in the final fixtures of Group E and you'd be forgiven for feeling as though a few of the chaotic moments that rounded off the group stages evaded your gaze.

But fear not, because GIVEMESPORT is here to break your fall with five things that you probably missed from day 13 and the final evening of group-stage action at the European Championships.

Five things you missed

From silky skills to beautiful celebrations and even chapter number 10,456,890 in the Cristiano Ronaldo vs Coca Cola saga, we've got plenty of goodies to offer, so check them out down below:

1. Cameraman's cheeky header during Slovakia vs Spain

In a game where Martin Dúbravka was punching the ball into his own net and Alvaro Morata was bungling penalties, Slovakia vs Spain's finest skill might actually have come from a cameraman.

Ok, maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but there's no denying the badassery of the camera operator casually whipping out a header while wearing heavy equipment and maintaining his tracking shot.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo telling Karim Benzema where to pass

The bromance between Ronaldo and Benzema was palpable during France vs Portugal, but there was still some friendly rivalry going on between the ex-Real Madrid teammates in Budapest.

Well, you'd be forgiven for thinking so based on an amusing clip where Ronaldo appeared to be telling Benzema where to pass, encouraging him to play backwards and watching as he obliged.

3. Leon Goretzka makes heart celebration at Hungary fans

A massive shoutout to Goretzka for showing his support to the LGBTQ+ community by way of making a love-heart gesture towards Hungarian supporters after scoring in Munich last night.

The Bayern star's gesture came amid UEFA's investigation into claims of homophobia by Hungary fans and controversial decision to ban the Allianz Arena from lighting up like the Pride rainbow.


4. João Palhinha beating Kante and Pogba at their own games

In the space of just four seconds, Portugal's Palhinha managed to do the impossible: beat Kante and Pogba at their own games.

Yes, that's right, Palhinha went on a stunning dribble against France, which included tackling Kante just like the Chelsea star and then nutmegging Pogba just like, well, the Manchester United star.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo gets a Coca Cola bottle thrown at him

You couldn't write it, could you? According to The Sun, Ronaldo had a Coca Cola bottle thrown his way amongst the cups and pitch invaders that greeted his record-equalling goal against France.

The Juventus superstar made global headlines for disapproving of the major drinks company at a Portugal press conference, moving two bottles and advising people to consume water instead.


Euro 2020: News, Groups, Fixtures, Dates, Tickets, Odds And Everything You Need To Know

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, we're out of the group stages and now each team is just a single defeat away from having their summer adventure pulled out from underneath them.

We'd like to sit here and say that's an incredibly sad thing but let's face it, there's nothing like the jeopardy of every single minute and kick of the ball proving absolutely vital. Bring on the drama.

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