Cristiano Ronaldo: Stunning footage of Portugal star's leap at Euro 2020 vs France

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Cristiano Ronaldo has been playing like a man possessed at Euro 2020.

Ronaldo tearing up Euro 2020

We've only just reached the knockout rounds and this is already the most prolific that the Juventus superstar has been at a European Championships, finding the net five times in just three games.

Ronaldo opened his account with a late brace against Hungary, capped a stunning counterattacking move in Germany and then bagged a pair of penalties against France for good measure.

And while, yes, three of the five strikes might have come from the spot, let's not take away from the fact that Ronaldo has been hoovering up records like they're going out of fashion this summer.

Portugal 2-2 France Highlights | Euro 2020 (Football Terrace)

Ronaldo's physical brilliance

Besides, his first strike of the tournament made him the Euros' all-time record goalscorer and his latest conversion saw him draw level with Ali Daei as international football's finest ever poacher.

And a massive part of why Ronaldo has been able to achieve these staggering numbers so deep into his thirties has a lot to do with his incredible dedication to the physical side of the game.

You know the drill, we've all heard about umpteen-million stories from former teammates about how Ronaldo was the first and last player at training but let's face it, the results are there for all to see.

Ronaldo's NBA-like leap

After all, fans around the world were reminded of the stunning condition that Ronaldo still finds himself in with his incredible sprint from one end of the pitch to the other to score against Germany.

And although there were no such sprints during the 2-2 draw with France on Wednesday night, you can bet that there was still another indication of the 36-year-old's astonishing physicality.

Yes, that's right, we are indeed talking about his uncanny ability to jump for headers like an NBA player leaping for a slam dunk or NASA rocket launching into the stratosphere.


Ronaldo's superhuman leap

And France's Presnel Kimpembe knows all-too well that Ronaldo doesn't abide by the laws of gravity because he was made to look like a step ladder by the Portugal icon on Wednesday.

That's because remarkable slow-motion footage has shown Ronaldo leaping so brilliantly for a header against the world champions that he could literally put his hand on Kimpembe's scalp.

Yes, you read that right, so be sure to do yourself a favour and check out the crazy video below:

Can somebody hop in a time machine and tell Sir Isaac Newton that he was wrong?

Ronaldo is shorter than Kimpembe

In all seriousness, while it's inevitable in situations like these that the striker able to run into the leap will out-jump the static defender, Ronaldo's talent means the difference in height was practically double.

And let's not kid ourselves for one second that Kimpembe is in any way stout with Transfermarkt listing him at six foot and two inches, which is actually two centimetres taller than Ronaldo.


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However, when it came to this particular aerial challenge, Kimpembe felt about three feet shorter than Ronaldo who would have made international headlines if he had proceeded to find the net.

Alas, Kimpembe could breathe a sigh of relief that Ronaldo fired wide on this particular occasion, but it's fair to say the Portuguese star had the beating of him in just about every other aspect.

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