FIFA 22 Beta: Sign Up, Leaks, Release Date, And More


Many gaming fans are waiting for the release of the highly anticipated FIFA 22, and we have all the details you need to know around the beta.

FIFA has been one of the best sports gaming franchises around ever since the first edition of the game, FIFA International Soccer, released in 1993.

The growth it has seen is massive, and this is partially due to the game mode Ultimate Team, which has grown so much that it is now involved in eSports competitions.

As always with games these days, a beta gets released to test the game and make sure everything is working before the full, official release.

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It also gives fans a chance to play the game in the development stages and send feedback to the EA around what needs improving before going live.

Latest News

UPDATE August 5th: The latest leaks has revealed when the beta will start for the gaming community.

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FIFA 22 Beta Release Date

The beta is out today! Make sure to check your emails to see if you got a code.


Update 16th July: We now know what new stadiums will be coming to the game.

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UPDATE 30th June: More images have emerged online and could provide an intriguing insight into what we can expect from FIFA 22 this year.

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So far, there have not been too many leaks surrounding the game, however we do have a leak regarding how the official icon and background image will look.

@FUTZONECENTRAL leaked these both on Twitter recently and also shared that the download size of the game would be 39GB.

Who can play the beta?

The FIFA 22 beta is sadly not available for everyone. The closed beta is available only on the PS4, PS5 and Xbox consoles.

The selected players will be chosen from FIFA players in the US and the UK who opted in to get EA emails. These players are selected from those who have signed up for the beta.

How do I sign up for the beta?

Gamers who want the beta need to make sure that they are signed up to an EA account (they should be if they play the game).

To then increase your chances of the FIFA Closed Beta invites, you need to be opted-in to receive FIFA and EA emails. Go to the link here and select the box which says ‘EA may email me about EA news, products, events and promotions’.

What will be in the beta?

In the FIFA beta, the game modes they typically have are:

  • Kick-off
  • Volta
  • Ultimate Team
  • Career Mode

It is always an exciting time to see what the beta brings and FIFA fans will be buzzing if they manage to get the beta.

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