Call of Duty Warzone Season 6 Tier List: Best Weapons And Guns To Use

Warzone Season 6 Tier List

Call of Duty Warzone has a catalog of guns, so we have made a tier list ranking the best weapons to use.

Black Ops Cold War has fully taken control of the battle royale and Verdansk has been set back to the 1980s, but all the games from both Modern Warfare and Black Ops remain in Warzone.

This makes it very hard to decide what gun to use and it is made even harder by the fact that Call of Duty are constantly buffing or nerfing weapons, so gamers are always trying to find ones which suit the current meta or update.

With hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Call of Duty players, it is important that you are using the best weapons, and this tier list will help you out massively.

The tier list is ranked like many others, with the best being at the top and then after that it goes down in order from best to worst.

Here are the best weapons and guns to use in Warzone Season 5 ranked:

Best Guns: Krig 6, AUG ,FFAR 1,Grau 5.56, FARA 83, MAC-10, MP5, LC10, Kar98k, C58
Good Guns: M82, Kilo 141 AN-94, Bruen Mk9, RAM-7, Bullfrog, MP7,
Average Guns: Oden, M13, M16, M4A1, AS VAL, Uzi, LW3 – Tundra, PKM, , SP-R 208, PP19 Bizon, RPD, Fennec, FR 5.56, ISO,KSP-45, CR-56 AMAX, STG-44
Bad Guns: QBZ-83, Groza, Type 63, XM4, P90, Fennec, AK-74u, MK2 Carbine, Rytec AMR, SA87, Striker 45,, Holger-26, AX-50, LW3 – Tundra, PKM,
Worst Guns: Milano 821, SKS Dragunov, EBR-14, Pelington 703, Crossbow, FAL, FiNN, M91, M60, M91, MG34, DMR 14, HDR, Stoner 63, M1 Garand

Meta Warzone guns always change

If you’re looking for a reliable, long range gun, there is no looking past the sniper that is the Kar98k; if you are accurate and can hit headshots, it is lethal at any stage of the game.

An anti-cheat will soon be coming to warzone

Assault rifles are very good at medium and short range distance, but if you get a good scope on them, they can also do well at quite a long range too.

For the best guns in the short range battle, the MAC-10 and the MP5 seem to be the most lethal, and the M82 would have featured in the S Tier if it hadn’t been nerfed recently.

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