Apex Legends Patch Notes 9.1: Genesis Collection Event

Apex Legends

Apex Legends has a huge event on the way called the Genesis Collection Event and with that comes patch notes for gaming fans to see.

The event is an in-game one which promises to bring a lot of new things to the battle royale game, as well as some past favourites.

Players will be returning to the original Kings Canyon and World’s Edge maps or fighting for glory in the Skull Town Arenas map.

This is exciting times for players of the battle royale game, and this looks to be a great event running over two weeks to keep fans entertained ahead of the Season 10 release.

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Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event: Patch Notes 9.1

Apex posted all their patch notes here.

Genesis Collection Event Will Have Specific Packs

There are specific Event Packs arriving to the store from June 29th- July 13th. In these packs, there will be:

  • One Event Item
  • Two Non Event Items

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug which was causing enemies to not be highlighted in Caustic’s Nox Gas


  • Players using Fuse are now finally able to see how many grenades there are in your grenade stack when it is viewed on the floor
  • Fixed the 1P arm color on “Board to Death” to match the 3P view
  • Fixed a bug which caused faused to have a third arm when ADS’ing and using the tactical at the same time


  • Gibraltar’s Gun shield will not take unnecessary damage after being hit by Fuse’s Knucklecluster
  • Gibby’s Ultimate will no longer damage a friendly’s Horizon’s Ult.
  • Gun Shield will not take additional bleed through damage


  • Lifeline will no longer use Wraith’s animations while in the boxing ring.
  • Enemy Care packages will now have loot if the enemy Lifeline leaves the game before it lands.


  • Corrected an issue with Mirage flickering


  • Fixed obstructed ADSing while using the Compound bow and the 3x sight.


  • Can no longer swap weapons faster if the holster animation is canceled.
  • Did a Zipline pass on Arena Maps to prevent Pathfinder getting into unfair positions.
  • Rampart
  • Fixed a logic error when using Wraith’s Portal and Sheila at the same time.
  • Did a pass to allow more places to place Amped Walls on Olympus.
  • Fixed an audio issue with Rampart’s Tactical when in close quarters.
  • Fixed an issue with Sheila disappearing off of Rampart’s back if shot during an emote.
  • Players no longer fall under the ground when using Shelia on certain slopes.


  • Death Totem can now be damaged in the Firing Range.


  • Valk cannot enter areas not meant to be entered.
  • First person view is now no longer obstructed when using a shield battery.
  • Fixed an issue with players not being able to cancel being hooked up to Valks Ult.


  • Fixed a bug Wattson no longer uses the Wraith animation in the boxing ring

Other Minor Changes

  • Fixed a bug where all players had to play one Ranked game after a Season or Split reset for the reset to fully take effect
  • Matchmaking will be canceled if the party leader changes the playlist to a mode that a party member is not eligible for


Legend Balances

  • The Launch Pad you can use with Octane now has a longer cooldown from 60 seconds > 90 seconds.


  • For Revenant, the developers thought it was to easy to hit the Legend, so the hitbox has been reduced in his body, arms and thighs
  • The climbing height when using Stalker has been increased
  • The length of duration has decreased from 20 seconds > 15 seconds
  • Death Totem has been nerfed- duration of death protection has decreased by 5 seconds


  • Developers Respawn clearly thought that Lifeline was too hard to hit, as they have increased the hit box size, mostly in the legs and waist


  • Reveal time for the Eye of the Allfather scan has decreased from 4 seconds > 3 seconds.
  • The duration of the Beast of the Hunt has also decreased from 35 seconds > 30 seconds.


  • Wattson has been buffed. You are now allowed to place more than one Nessie on the map at a time

Balances in Arena
Some Legend abilities have been adjusted

  • Pathfinder’s Grapple- You now have 4 starting charges.
  • Pathfinder’s Zipline- The round cooldown has increased it is now every other round
  • Rampart’s Sheila- This time, the round cooldown has been reduced. Instead of 3 rounds, its every other round
  • Wattson’s Interception Pylon- The round cooldown will increase from every round to every other round.
  • Octane’s Launch Pad- The cooldown increased, it is now every other round.
  • Octane’s Stim- The starting charges have been reduced. Instead off 3 charges it will be 2.

Other Changes

  • A scoreboard has now been added to the map screen
  • There is a new way to report players- you can press the Space bar or Y/Triangle on the map screen
  • From the third round, you will be given a shield battery, two syringes and two shield cells.
  • Care Packages land 5 seconds earlier than before
  • The sniper 6x scope optic has been removed from base sniper weapons. It is now a level 1 upgrade

Updates: Weapon Balances

  • Increased Fire Rate from 6.25 > 7.0
  • Increased Base Ammo from 12 > 14
  • Increased Lvl 1 Mag from 14 > 16
  • Increased Lvl 2 Mag from 16 > 18
  • Increased Lvl 3 and Lvl 4 Mag from 18 > 21


  • Increased Hip Fire spread
  • 30-30 Repeater
  • Can now shoot slightly further
  • Charge time has been reduced from 0.5s > 0.35s


  • Damage has been increased from 55 > 60

Updates: Arena
Some Prices Have Been Adjusted In The Arena
Utility Prices

  • Arc Star: 100 > 125
  • Gold Backpack: 250 > 300

Weapon Prices

  • R99: 550 > 500
  • Volt: 500 > 550
  • Spitfire: 550 > 600
  • L-Star: 400 > 500
  • R301 Lvl 2 Upgrade: 300 > 350
  • G7 Scout: 350 > 400
  • G7 Scout Lvl 3 Upgrade: 250 > 200
  • 30-30: 350 > 400
  • 30-30 Lvl 3 Upgrade: 250 > 200
  • P2020 Lvl 1 Upgrade: 50 > 25
  • P2020 Lvl 2 Upgrade: 125 > 75
  • P2020 Lvl 3 Upgrade: 200 > 150
  • RE45: 250 > 200
  • EVA: 250 > 300
  • Mastiff: 500 > 400
  • Legend Ability Prices
  • Crypto EMP: 600 > 500
  • Crypto Drone: 100 > 50
  • Revenant Death Totem: 600 > 500
  • Lifeline DOC Drone 50 > 75
  • Fuse Knuckle Cluster 150 > 75
  • Bloodhound Ult 350 > 450

Map adjustments to the arena
Party Crasher

  • The circle has been adjusted so that Downtown is favoured
  • The visual language of the minimap has been made more simple

Phase Runner

  • Some props throughout the map have had their height raised
  • More Trees have been to the map

Bug Fixes to the Arena

  • Jump Masters will not be chosen during the legend select screen
  • The sniper stock has been updated- you can now see if it has an empty slot when you need it
  • Fixed a bug which caused players to get stuck in a crouch position after dying

Some Other Legend Changes

  • Rampart now has new custom animations, specifically for when reloading the light machine gun. Players will be happy to hear this doesn’t increase the reload time


  • The fuel gauge UI has been updated. This has been done to give players a better look at when their fuel is running low

Added some brand new voiceovers:

  • You teammates will now know when your Ultimate is ready, or not ready
  • Your teammates will now know when you are crafting
  • There is now a voiceover for when you ping a friendly Trident, as well as neutral and enemy states that already existed

Some other changes

  • You can now turn off FOV scaling when using certain abilities, this can be located in the options
  • Ring endings should now feature a lot less in out-of-bounds areas
  • Healing items now play the entire healing sound when used by other players- before it used to just be the beginning and the end sounds
  • If you mute a player, it will now also mute text to speech

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