CM Punk pipebomb: Stone Cold Steve Austin's tweet from that night discovered


Former WWE Superstar CM Punk marked the 10-year anniversary of his legendary pipebomb promo by reposting Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Twitter response from that very night.

Austin’s tweet, posted in the aftermath of one of the most talked-about WWE promos of all time, claimed that the “scorching hot” promo had “melted my 52 inch TV,” before labelling it “one of the best promos I’ve ever seen.”

The now infamous promo occurred as WWE RAW entered its final segment on June 27, 2011. That night’s show was headlined by a non-title tables match between R-Truth and then-WWE Champion John Cena. The match itself ended when CM Punk made his presence known to cost Cena a victory.

Punk then sat cross-legged on the RAW stage with a microphone, questioning why he wasn’t WWE’s top guy, suggesting that the company would be better off when Vince McMahon is dead and criticising rivals including Cena, The Rock and Triple H.

“I hate this idea that you are the best. Because you’re not,” Punk said to Cena, who was lying in the middle of the ring at the time. “I’m the best. I’m the best in the world. There’s one thing you’re better at than I am and that’s kissing Vince McMahon’s a**,” he continued.


The now legendary promo appeared to blur the line between reality and scripted-entertainment, although, as Danny Hart of Sportskeeda pointed out, Punk actually “received permission from WWE’s decision-makers to say what he wanted.”

Regardless, fans and fellow professionals alike loved every minute and still remember it fondly a decade later, despite Punk having last appeared as an active Superstar in January 2014.

Punk and Austin came close to facing off in the ring after a backstage interaction between the pair on a 2011 episode of RAW. The following year they also took part in an interview segment with Jim Ross to hype the WWE ’13 video game.


Despite the evident electricity in the air, the match never happened, but during a Twitter Q&A session, Punk was asked for this thoughts on the outcome had the fight occurred. His response? “Would’ve been short. GTS, 1 2 3.”

Austin, however, didn’t share that view, as he posted: “I see. You did say that. Damn. Complete delusion. I had us at a 60 minute time limit match at the Rosemont Horizon. Right there in Chicago. Chi Town. The Windy City. Helluva match. Caught you with a Stunner at 59:56. You did not kick out. Bottom line.”

During his Starrcast III panel in August 2019, Punk revealed that he’d requested a match with Austin, claiming: “I think there was a sliver of time where it was going to happen, and then the next minute it didn’t.”

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