The Undertaker throws Mankind off Hell in a Cell: 23-year anniversary celebrated


June 28, 1998 marked an unforgettable moment in WWE history when The Undertaker faced Mankind in the famous Hell in a Cell match at King of the Ring.

The pair began their brawl after ‘Taker attempted to climb up the cell, being greeted with swift punches to the face from Mankind in the process. Undertaker, seemingly unfazed by those punches, responded almost instantly with three quick jabs to the face.

The masked Mankind appeared to dominate initially. He made use of a steel chair and got The Undertaker on his back within seconds, with one commentator of the fight exclaiming “it makes the hair on my neck stand up, I like it!”

The crowd also responded to every move, with either gasps, cheers or screams of excitement with everything they witnessed in front of them.

The pair then scrambled to the other side of the cell and almost broke the steel roof in the process. Both fighters at this stage looked exhausted – but we were yet to see a clear winner. Mankind then tested his luck by locking an arm around Undertaker’s neck, which was almost immediately counteracted with punches from The Deadman, who looked motivated to get this exchange finished once and for all.

As Mankind struggled to find his feet on the edge of the cell, The Undertaker acted quickly – with one hand on Mankind’s head and the other on his back, he threw the dishevelled wrestler off the side of the cell, sending him crashing through the announcer’s table.

The crowd erupted, as did commentators Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross, with the latter screaming: “They killed him, as God is my witness, he is broken in half!”

As Mankind lay helplessly on the floor, The Undertaker stood confident atop the demonic structure.

That wasn’t the end, however, for Mankind, oh no. He somehow managed to get himself back up and back to the top of the cell, before being Chokeslammed straight through it and crashing down to the canvas.

Twenty three years on from this remarkable and unforgettable piece of wrestling history, you might wonder where the fighters are now.

Mark Calaway (The Undertaker) retired in June 2020. He appeared at the 2020 Survivor Series event to say his farewell to wrestling, with it being 30 years to the day since he first made his debut. He is regarded as a WWE legend and superstar; having built a championship legacy over the decades he fought.

Mankind, real name Michael (Mick) Foley, is also retired. He too is classed as a wrestling legend, having won an array of titles and since been inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame.

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