Georges St-Pierre, 40, is looking ridiculously stacked in new photo


Georges St-Pierre is still looking ripped, despite turning 40 this year and despite not being a competitive UFC fighter anymore.

The mixed martial artist shared a picture to his Instagram last week captioned: “La reussite est la meilleure facon de se venger!” – “Success is the best revenge!”

The image shows St-Pierre posing whilst flexing his muscles and showcasing the unbelievable physique he has been able to maintain, despite having turned 40 this year and retiring in 2019.

It shows us that even though he may not be competing professionally anymore, he still works undeniably hard on his health and body.

A brief flick through the Canadian’s Instagram will show you that nowadays his career is still as busy as ever and that the opportunities don’t stop at UFC; he trains with a jiu-jitsu professional in the gym and shares videos of home workouts for all his followers to see – and maybe even take some inspiration from.


We even see glimpses of his diet, like on May 26 when he posted a picture of five large steaks captioned” “I am barbecuing and playing the role of chef this evening.”

Vegetarians look away! Clearly the carnivore diet works for the ex-fighter when it comes to building body muscle.

St-Pierre boasts being a two-division champion, having won titles in both the welterweight and middleweight divisions and having a glowing record of 26-2-0, but his talents don’t end there.

Since taking a step back from the Octagon in February 2019, he has been reprising the role of Georges Batroc on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which might tell us why he is still strict and adamant on keeping himself in incredible shape.

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He also starred in Captain America: The Winter Soldier in 2014, which leaves for a pretty outstanding resume. Not many UFC legends can balance the intensity of MMA with acting in the groundbreaking Marvel franchise!

Where will he go from here? With so much achieved already, Georges St-Pierre certainly has a lot left to prove, and no doubt he is ready for whatever opportunities come his way.

At 40, it seems like he is only just getting started in his outstanding career.

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