Pokemon GO: How to evolve Swirlix

Swirlix evolves in Slurpuff in Pokemon GO.

While the Luminous Legends event may have come to an end, many Pokemon GO players are still curious about how to evolve Swirlix.

The Cotton Candy Pokemon was featured heavily during the first half of the update (X) as Fairy-type species became increasingly more popular at that time.

Swirlix was one of those that revealed itself from in the grass more often than not and even had exclusive research at the time which rewarded trainers with more precious Candies as a result.

However, now that the generation-six Pokemon is not appearing as much in the wild, there are still many people asking how it can be evolved into Slurpuff – the Meringue Pokemon.

Swirlix’s highest form of evolution can learn some pretty feisty Fire-type and Fairy-type attacking moves, which will make your Slurpuff particularly useful against Water-type, Fighting-type, Dark-type and Dragon-type Pokemon during Trainer Battles.

Slurpuff is about as versatile as it gets as it can learn Flamethrower, which deals 70 damage, and the Fairy-type move Play Rough, considered one of the most powerful with 90 damage. To make it even stronger, adding a second charge attack would mean you would get the best of both worlds and the upper hand in many battles along the way.

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You will need to Buddy-up with Swirlix in order to evolve into Slurpuff.

How to evolve Swirlix

Evolving Swirlix into its final form will require 50 Candies to start off with. But underneath the “Evolve” button will state “adventure together to evolve.”

This may seem complicated at first as there are no precise instructions in relation to this, but it is actually remarkably simple. 

All that you need to do is make Swirlix your Buddy and feed it 25 times. This can be either Pinap Berries, Nanab Berries or Razz Berries to reach that figure – as long as it reaches that numerical figure.

Once completed, the “Evolve” button can then be pressed, and voilà! You will have your very own Slurpuff to dominate in battles!

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