FIFA 22: Leaks Reveal Gameplay Mechanic Has Been Nerfed


FIFA 22 should be on the way in September 2021 and a leak has revealed that quite an overpowered skill move will be getting nerfed.

As always with FIFA, gaming fans care most about gameplay changes as the game is released yearly, so people need to see proper changes otherwise they do not think the FIFA game is much different from the one before it.

The Ultimate Team game mode is hugely popular, and another thing we like to see are the ratings for the footballers.

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Players always try and work out what skills are the meta in games, and developers EA Sports notice this and try to nerf them in the next game.

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Directional Nutmegs will be nerfed in FIFA 22

Directional nutmegs are a great skill, but some have complained that they are too overpowered and the fact you can use them in any situation is somewhat unrealistic.

Therefore, people who felt this way will be over the moon to hear the latest leak from @KingLangpard, which reveals that the skill move will definitely not be overpowered in FIFA 22.

This is good news, as no skill move should be unbeatable or seen as broken and it might get players trying to adapt to find the new meta as soon as possible.

No doubt that this is a good change, however FIFA is typical for having overpowered mechanics and gamers will probably find the next one to exploit in FIFA 22 quite easily.

There have been numerous leaks, including the reveal of a possible cover star, and the player it looks to be should excite many.

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As the game draws closer, there will be more and more information revealed to players, and we will provide you with all these updates as they happen.

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