FIFA 22: Leaked Image Reveals New Heat Maps Will Be In The Game


Excitement is building among the gaming community for FIFA 22 and a leaked image shows a very cool feature coming to the game.

With a new FIFA being released every year, developers EA Sports have to find and create new features to keep players happy and wanting to buy a new game.

There is still a few months to go until the game comes out, and players still have a whole summer to play FIFA 21 in. However, many start to lose their interest in the game and look to leaks to see what new details they can find out about the next edition.

Some of the news around FIFA 22 has been quite exciting, so hopefully a lot more leaks will keep the good feeling around the game going.

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Leaked Image Reveals Heat Maps Coming To The Game

We have seen some very good in-game features arrive to FIFA over the last few editions, like quick substitutions, and EA have definitely been creative.

This leaked feature seems to be another exciting edition, and it should excite players quite a lot. The image is blurry, but shows a heat map.

It looks like the game will show the heat map of every player on the pitch and you can look through each player’s specific heat map in the pause menu.

This is very exciting and could be a great tool to help influence your substitutions in the game. @KingLangpard shared this leak and now many FIFA fans are reacting to it and getting excited for what FIFA 22 has to offer.

The game has had a fair few leaks, including some around the very popular game mode Career Mode.

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It looks like EA Sports are really starting to listen to fans of the game and give them what they want and if they continue in this fashion, then FIFA 22 could be one of the best games in recent years.

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