Archer goes viral after posting insane video showing off her acrobatic shooting skills

Archery target

A montage of a mind-blowing acrobatic archer has gone viral on Twitter.

SportBible has shared a video of Orissa Kelly, who has wowed hundreds with her unbelievable skills with her bow – including shooting with her mouth and feet, as well as hitting the target from ridiculous angles.

Shooting while doing the splits? No look shots? Handling fire? She can do it all.

Kelly is a British circus performer who boasts a massively impressive CV. Her background in artistic gymnastics, along with with her dead-eye shot with a bow and arrow makes her a sensation to watch. She is also a contortionist, and her unique set of skills have taken her around the globe where she is widely known for her talent.

Kelly has performed at high profile events and on TV productions and film sets. Some of her biggest appearances include performing as a stunt double in the Wonder Woman feature film and two occasions in front of Queen Elizabeth II. She was also the front cover model for November 2016's Vanity Fair and appeared as a runway model at London Fashion Week.

Her Majesty The Queen's Royal Household waxed lyrical about her performance for them, saying "everyone is still talking about it."

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