Grand Theft Auto 6 map: Insider reveals big news about GTA 6


The long-awaited GTA VI will be set in a modern-day Vice City and include a female lead character for the first time in the series’ history, according to online leaks, as per GAMINGbible.

According to a Tom Henderson video – who correctly revealed details about Battlefield 2042 months before release – GTA VI is in the very early stages of development and won’t be released until at least 2024/2025. 

At this stage, we’ve been waiting since 2013 for the follow up to GTA V so another few years won’t hurt. 

While nothing is confirmed yet, many believe it’s the right time to include the female lead – who Henderson believes will be a hacker. Vice City remains one of the series’ most popular and critically acclaimed instalments nearly 20 years on. 

Henderson also believes the GTA map won’t be as cavernous this time around – and instead take reference from Fortnite, with the map constantly evolving as you progress through the game. 

Much has changed in gaming since the last GTA release, so it makes sense to use more modern titles as influences.

New locations will be added in time, with previous reports suggesting Rockstar want to launch a smaller game that can be expanded through DLC, and reduce staff burnout as experienced on GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2. 

GTA V is still resoundingly popular and as of May 2021, has sold 145 million copies worldwide.

More impressively, and no doubt helped by worldwide lockdowns, more copies were sold in 2020 than any other year since being released in 2013.

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