Apex Legends Season 10: Leaked Images Reveal Possible New Legend

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 10 is on its way and leaks are circulating on social media revealing details around the new legend that will come out when the season arrives.

A new legend comes out every season, so we definitely know there will be one; however, confirmed details aren’t known until closer to the release date.

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Gaming fans are always on the lookout for details before they are official, and Apex fans will be pleased to see that some leakers have found exactly what everyone is looking for.

Many players are fully enjoying Season 9, and even more so now that the Genesis Collection Event is currently underway.

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New Apex Legend Leaked For Season 10

Thanks to a Twitter leak, we now possibly know a lot of details around who this new Legend could be for Season 10.

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According to these leaks, the new Legend will be called Pariah. For now we do not know what the new Legend will look like.

Here are the leaked abilities for Pariah:

Legend Abilities: Passive, Ultimate and Tactical

Aplomb Training- Pariah is able to see enemy health bars

Sacrificial Romantic- Parish activates a SDM device which releases lots of steam in all directions which makes people unable to move

Sonar Grenade- A 15 second grenade which reveals enemies

Despite there being a lot of information around this new legend, it is best to take this as rumours for now; we will update you when official news arrives.

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