Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event: How To Unlock Revenant’s Heirloom Set

Apex Legends

The Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event is here and we have all the details regarding how you can unlock the Revenant’s Heirloom set.

Legend Revenant was introduced to the battle royale game all the way back in season 4 and has been a fan favourite ever since.

The offensive Legend can be lethal in the game, and if you know how to use him, then some wins would definitely be coming your way.

The event is only a limited time event but has reminded fans of past favourites as the first ever map to be made by Apex is now available to play on. Make sure that you log in while it is on to make sure you get a glimpse at all of the content available.

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How to unlock Revenant’s Heirloom set

It will take a bit of time to unlock the Revenant Heirloom set; however, it isn’t too difficult to unlock. All players have to do is collect 24 new themed, limited-time cosmetic skins.

They will only be available via direct purchase on the store (either using real money, Apex coins, or crafting materials, as the items will be in packs that you buy.

What are the 24 Genesis Collection Event items you need?

Not all of the items are confirmed yet. However, We know one is the Omatsuri Fury Valkyrie skin and Apex has shown us a glimpse of what it looks like down below.

Aside from these items, there are all limited timed skins and weapons that you see in the store during this event that you can buy.

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Once we know of more of the skins and items that you need, we will provide you with all updates here as soon as possible.

With the event lasting two weeks, there is a lot of time until everything is revealed, but the Revenant Heirloom skin is definitely not something you will want to miss out on.

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