WWE RAW: How Eva Marie & Doudrop storyline could take an unexpected turn

Eva Marie Doudrop

Tensions are building between Eva Marie and her protégé Piper Niven after the latest action on Monday Night RAW.

Although the new tag team duo were succesful in defeating Naomi and Asuka, an in-house storm could be on the horizon as WWE continues to tease fans with hints of a major storyline flip.

Here's a look at how the partnership has been unfolding so far and how it could soon arrive at an explosive scenario...

Eva Marie returns and unveils new protégé

After taking a hiatus from wrestling, Marie returned to the ring during a scheduled RAW clash against Naomi. However, when she stepped out, she was not alone. 

Alongside the returning star was NXT wrestler Niven, who faced former SmackDown champion Naomi by herself while Marie watched ringside. It took Niven mere minutes to defeat The Glow and mark her first ever RAW victory.

However, after the final bell rung, Marie grabbed a microphone and announced herself as the winner of the fight, despite not even entering the ring.

Doudrop nickname and Money in the Bank qualifier

The first glimpses of tensions bubbling between the two started earlier this month, during RAW's Money in the Bank qualifier.

Niven earned her first official naming on the Monday Night event, but her moment was soured when Marie revealed her new nickname, which Niven was less than impressed about.

Now operating under the ring name Doudrop, the former NXT star immediately got to work against Asuka after Marie tagged her in just seconds into the fight. 

An exhausted but determined looking Doudrop took on both The Empress of Tomorrow and Naomi, and was ready to deliver a final move before pinning The Glow.

However, Marie tagged herself into the match, eyes set on taking the pin for herself. 

But sparks flew when Naomi evaded the pin and a panicked Marie tried to tag Doudrop back into the ring. Her protégé, clearly annoyed with with what had just happened, refused to help her ally, resulting in The Glow taking the win and earning a spot on the Money in the Bank card alongside Asuka.

Eva Marie refuses to tag in

The latest Monday Night RAW result may have been a victory for Doudrop and Marie, but it was one that sparked a lot of mixed emotions on Twitter.

A struggling Doudrop reached out for Marie to tag into the ring, only for the pink-haired star to step back and refuse to help out her partner.

The RAW newcomer managed to go it alone – fending off Asuka and Naomi in a rematch after an in-house dispute the previous week.

However, this could be the start of a serious rivalry building between the two tag team allies.

Marie is clearly using Doudrop as her muscle to rack up her wins, while she reaps the glory for herself. Since her return, Marie hasn't done a single wrestling move inside the ring and has left Doudrop to take all the damage while she watches from the sidelines.

Doudrop looks to be getting increasingly frustrated with Marie, and a Rhea Ripley vs Charlotte Flair rivalry could be about to detonate between the two.

Will the former NXT star teach Marie a lesson during their next RAW appearance? Or could she spark up a new partnership with another fighter and leave Marie out in the cold?

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