Apex Legends: Developers Reveal How They Plan To Combat Cheating Following Criticism

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is enjoyed by millions, but there is an issue with cheaters and developers Respawn have revealed how they plan to sort it out.

The way cheaters can work in games like this is via wall hacks, where they are able to see everyone’s location on the map. However, one of the worst hacks is aimbot as this gives hackers the perfect aim, where they do not miss a headshot.

This understandably frustrates many, as it gives these cheats a massively unfair advantage and makes them almost impossible to kill.

This can be especially frustrating during ranked gameplay, as there is a lot on the line during competitive games, as they can lead to Esports careers.

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Developer Respawn Reveal How They Plan To Erase Cheaters

When cheaters flood into a game, it can be quite hard to get rid of them all. However, if players are coming up against these cheaters in multiple games throughout the day, it becomes a huge issue and thankfully it seems like Respawn are going to be adding more firepower.

They tweeted out earlier today these issues, as many Apex fans were moaning and complaining on Twitter about the issues. This issue is such a problem that the #SaveApexRanked was trending in the UK.

Hopefully with Season 10 upon us in just over a month, these issues will be rectified very soon.

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Apparently, the Respawn team are now ‘pursuing several options to crack down on cheating’. The three main ones are:

  • They will be hiring more people so that they can focus on manual bans
  • Wrench Developing more tools to automatically detect and stop DDOS attacks
  • Stop sign Investigating ways to more quickly catch and remove cheaters from games

These fixes will hopefully ban cheaters a lot quicker, but fan reaction still seems to suggest that gamers do not think that these resolutions will not be enough to stop the sheer amount of players cheating in the game.

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