Grand Theft Auto 6 potential release date and map details emerge in fresh leak


A noted serial leaker has revealed that the long-awaited GTA 6 is set in a modern-day version of the fabled Vice City, but it’s release won’t happen for some time yet.

The last iteration of the legendary series, GTA 5, quite incredibly came out as far back as 2013. Fans have been anxious to be afforded a glimmer of hope that GTA 6 may drop sometime during their lifetime.

For the moment, they’ll have to hold on to the prospect of GTA 5 coming out for the newest generation of consoles this autumn.

While a sequel has not yet been openly discussed by developer Rockstar, a serial leaker by the name of Tom Henderson has come to our rescue, to some extent.

This fine gentleman has a growing reputation in the gaming community for his leaks about the Battlefield 2042 reveal in the time leading up to the event.

He managed to get the vast majority of the information correct, much to fans’ delight.

He alleges that GTA 6 won’t come out until 2025. Yes, that’s a mighty 12 years after the release of its predecessor.

He also rubbishes pervious claims that the game will be set in a 1980s version of Vice City, instead claiming it will take place in modern-day version of the famous fictional city. Interestingly, he believes this map will change as game time passes, in a similar fashion to that of Fortnite.

The single player campaign is also said to have multiple playable characters, a feature that was implemented in GTA 5.

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So why is the game so far out of our reach? Tom states this is partially a result of the complexities that come with making a game of that scale.

He also thinks that multiple damaging reports about working conditions at Rockstar have meant the company are focussing on improving staff wellbeing.

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Additionally, GTA 6 is set to be a current gen-only game and with the issues of shortages of these consoles, Rockstar are reluctant to make a game for them when so few are out there.

These claims all seem to be very plausible. A return to Vice City has been longed for by fans for many years, and an evolving map does seem like a logical progression for the franchise.

If this was any other game, Rockstar would surely not get away with such hiatus between releases. Fans of GTA 5 will be well on their way to retirement by the time the next comes around.

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