AEW Dynamite: Jim Ross reacts after calling it 'WWE Dynamite' on live TV


Legendary professional wrestling announcer Jim Ross had a moment to forget on Wednesday night when he momentarily lost track of which company he now works for.

The 69-year-old Ross joined AEW in 2019, having spent much of the previous 25 years as the lead voice of WWE. 'Good Ol JR' was recognised for his contributions to Vince McMahon's promotion by being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2007.

After providing the soundtrack to many of WWE's most memorable moments for so long, it is understandable that Ross might fall into old habits on occasion. With that said, the iconic broadcaster still made a pretty large gaffe as he was signing off from Wednesday night's edition of AEW Dynamite.

While plugging tickets for next week's edition of the show, Ross mistakenly referred to the programme using the name of his former employer.

"Folks, there’s nothing in your life that will top seeing a live 'WWE' Dynamite", exclaimed Ross to the live television audience of millions watching worldwide.

You can see the ill-fated moment here...

As the broadcast was just seconds from ending when the error occurred, Ross had no chance to correct his slip of the tongue. Per, however, the proud Oklahoman wasted little time in taking to Twitter after the show to address the situation.

"Yep I apparently made an untimely error tonight at shows end. No excuses. And I’m not quitting," stated a defiant Ross in response to criticism on social media. He also signed off his statement with an emoji of his trademark cowboy hat.

As you might expect, there was plenty of negative reaction online to Ross' blunder. Hearteningly, though, several figures from the world of wrestling media quickly sought to reassure him that he had nothing to feel bad about.

Journalist Jon Alba told Ross: "It happens JR! We're live pal! Hope you're well."

That sentiment was backed up by Dave LaGreca - host of the Busted Open Radio show - who responded to Ross' tweet by declaring: "Mistakes happen" and calling JR "a f****** legend - THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME!"

After a lifetime in a business as tough as professional wrestling, it is unlikely that Ross will lose much sleep over his botch on Wednesday night. In any case, if anyone has earned the right to a free pass in a situation like this, it is a man as universally respected as JR.

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