Sky Brown: Skateboard star on idolising Dina Asher-Smith & being youngest Team GB Olympian


When Sky Brown competes at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics next month, she will do so as the youngest ever member of Team GB at a Summer Games.

The 12-year-old, ranked number three in the world, will be going for gold in the women’s park event. She will be 13 years and 11 days old when competition begins. Brown will be joined in Tokyo by 14-year-old teammate Bombette Martin, another competitor in the park discipline.

“It’s awesome to have a teammate and the best crew,” Brown said of her Olympic inclusion. “I’m so excited to go there and skate the park, and stay with Bombette and have such a great team behind me.”

“I’m excited to be in the Olympics, skating with all my friends again, hopefully getting gold, and inspiring people.”

Brown will be 31 days older than Margery Hinton, who became the youngest British Summer Olympian when she swam at Amsterdam 1928. Although she will still be eclipsed by figure skater Cecilia Colledge, who was 11 at the Lake Placid 1932 Winter Games, Brown revealed she was “so stoked” to be making history in Tokyo.

“It’s a crazy feeling, it’s more than a dream come true. I mean, it’s insane. I’m so stoked and I’m going to try my best for Britain.”

Brown is not just in Tokyo to make up the numbers. The youngster won a bronze medal at the 2019 World Championships in São Paulo and will be a serious contender for the podium at the Games. Aside from her medal ambitions, Brown is also hoping to inspire other girls to take up skateboarding.


“I want to be at the Olympics because everyone from all around the world is watching,” she said. “There’s so many little girls right now but I feel like if I’m the little one in there going big, hopefully they’ll think that maybe they could do it. I’ll show the world how fun skateboarding is and how creative it is.

“If you go to a skate park it’s mostly boys there. Now there are more and more girls there, which is cool. But yeah, it’s usually mostly boys and I feel like sometimes girls are scared to be like the only girl and they’re scared to maybe be judged by the boys.

“I feel like watching the Olympics, seeing how many girls are doing this sport, they’re going to want to take part, which I’m really happy about.”


Brown will be surrounded by superstars at the Games, but she is not unused to hanging out with some of the biggest names in world sport. She often trains with skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, and can sometimes be found in the company of three-time Olympic gold medallist Shaun White.

Brown revealed the name of another idol, this time an athlete who will be her teammate in Tokyo this summer.

“I do have so many Olympic heroes. And actually, one from Great Britain. Dina Asher-Smith. She’s so sweet and so good, and I love her,” Brown beamed.

With Dina Asher-Smith also a strong medal contender for Britain this summer, Brown and her idol could soon become two of the most talked about sportswomen in the country. 

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