England vs Ukraine: Graeme Souness made to eat his words since Euro 2020 draw vs Scotland


Graeme Souness was loving life when Scotland drew 0-0 with England at Euro 2020.

England and Scotland at Euro 2020

There was a real feeling that the Tartan Army had secured the moral victory at Wembley Stadium even if they weren’t able to completely breakdown their rivals from south of the border.

Nevertheless, there’s no denying that Scotland would have been given the victory had it been a boxing match and that was reflected in the post-match analysis of Souness for ITV Sport.

The former Scottish international was visibly excited alongside Ian Wright and Roy Keane, openly waxing lyrical about what was undoubtedly a heroic display from Steve Clarke’s men.

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Souness: Football ain’t coming home

However, Souness’ excitement also manifested itself in some scathing comments about England‘s performance, even referencing the popular ‘It’s coming home’ declaration of supporters.

When discussing Harry Kane, Souness fumed: “He’s your one player. He’s your one player who’s proven at this level to get goals on a regular basis. If that’s not happening in this competition, then you’re not going very far.

“You go back to the World Cup in Russia, his goals got you where you got to. Harry Kane not performing, I think it’s a major problem for you. Football ain’t coming home with that team, I can tell you. Not the way they’re playing.”

Mixed fortunes since

So, yeh… those comments from Souness haven’t exactly aged well with England and Scotland having experienced diametrically-opposed journeys at Euro 2020 since that rain-soddened night.

While the Scots crashed out the group stages with a defeat to Croatia, there are optimistic whispers that football really could be coming home after England secured a historic win over Germany.

And with the Three Lions facing Ukraine in the quarter-finals, as well as either the Czech Republic or Denmark if they reach the final four, the path is certainly a generous one for Gareth Southgate.


Souness completes U-turn

As such, Souness has been made to eat his words and to his credit, willingly gave England credit where credit was due by completing what appeared to be a full U-turn during a Friday broadcast.

“I think they’re going to win it,” Souness admitted to ITV. “I think the stars have aligned beautifully. Seven games, six of them at home. 

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“You can look at this one coming up against Ukraine; obvious favourites. That doesn’t mean to say they’ll get through. I think they will. 

“Next game against Denmark. Not an easy game, the Danes are always big, physical, aggressive and the final – no matter who they play – at Wembley, at home with the majority of the crowd with the momentum. I see them winning it. I really do.”

Talk about a turnaround in the space of a few weeks and Souness even fronted up to the infamous ‘football ain’t coming home’ comment, so be sure to check out the full clip down below:

GIVEMESPORT’s Kobe Tong says

Look, fair play to Souness because there’s no shame in changing one’s opinion and there’s no denying that England gave a poor account of themselves during the Scotland clash.

Now is not the time to put the cart before the horse and suggest that England are going all the way, but there’s no denying that their route to the final is a once-in-a-generation opportunity.

The likes of Ukraine and Denmark will prove tough, tough tasks before any potential final can be entertained, but the opposition would have been far harder on the other side of the knockout tree.


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As such, maybe Souness is right in going back on his comments that football isn’t coming home with this current England squad because there’s a golden opportunity ready to be snatched.

And besides, making sure football comes home is a darn sight easier when most of the games are played at its front door. 

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