Euro 2020: Crying German girl fundraiser has now surpassed £24,000

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More than £24,000 has now been raised for the young girl who was left in tears towards the end of Germany’s 2-0 defeat against England at Wembley in the Euro 2020 Round of 16.

When the youngster appeared on the big screen at Wembley, a loud cheer was heard from the England fans.

This prompted one man to set up a fundraiser for the child, just to prove that ‘not everyone in the UK is horrible’.

How much money has been raised for the crying German girl?

Joel Hughes, a Wales football supporter who works as a web developer, initially set a £500 target.

But more than 2300 people have now donated and over £24,000 has been raised as of Saturday morning. Extraordinary.

“Yes, there are more people affected by this than just this little girl but hey, this is just meant to be a token of goodwill,” Joel wrote on the Just Giving page. “Yes there are other potential good causes - but I've picked this.


“I’d like to think that the parents of the little girl will spend this on a nice treat for her so that she knows that not everyone from the UK is horrible and that we care.

“No, I don't think this will change the world. But it can do one thing for that little girl.”

Why was the fundraiser set up?

Speaking to ITV, he added: "I can’t stand seeing that kind of bullying online.

"So I thought I would try to do something. A small thing. Not something that would change the world, or change the minds of those who wrote nasty stuff about the little girl. But something nonetheless.

"And if it means we can put a smile on that girl’s face, then job done."

Joel is now in the process of trying to track down the girl and her parents in order to present her with the money.


"I’ve been blown away by the response,” he said. “Many people seem to get that this is a lot more than just about a girl crying.

"This is about empathy and about taking a stand against the negativity out there.

“It’s all been very positive and there has been lots of interest, but if we don’t find the parents, or they don’t want to come forward, we will donate the money to a good cause most closely aligned with the spirit of the campaign."

England fans were buzzing during win vs Germany

England have experienced many gut-wrenching defeats at the hands of Germany over the years and were understandably buzzing as the clock ticked down to full-time at Wembley last Tuesday.

This was the first time the Three Lions had beaten their old rivals in the knockout stages of a major tournament since the 1966 World Cup final.


It didn’t matter which German supporter was picked out by the cameras in tears, there were always going to be cheers from the jubilant England fans.

It just so happened that, on this occasion, it was a young German girl who appeared on the big screen.

But the huge amount of money raised from concerned football fans should help her to feel a little better about the situation.

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