Lando Norris: McLaren star has last laugh in hilarious exchange with George Russell

lando norris

Lando Norris and George Russell enjoyed a friendly ribbing exchange after the chequered flag at the Austrian Grand Prix on Sunday, with the McLaren man having the last laugh over the Williams driver.

Formula 1 can be a rather serious business at times but there's also an opportunity for a joke or two and with characters like Norris and Russell around, the sport is well-equipped for several years of amusing moments away from the track.

Of course, they are both top-class racers as well with Norris earning a fine third place on Sunday, to follow on from his second place in qualifying, whilst Russell rang the neck of his Williams all weekend but eventually succumbed to the hard-charging Fernando Alonso to be denied his first point with the Grove-based team.

Russell, though, was clearly in decent enough spirits after the race to share a joke with Norris in the press pen, with him saying the McLaren man looked sweaty.

Norris, though, had the last laugh with his clever reply, much to the amusement of everyone gathered. This video comes courtesy of Sky Sports F1 on Twitter:

The two are good friends and you have to hand it to Norris here, his quick-witted response rather did Russell all ends up.

Both are already stars having performed and improved since their respective arrivals in the sport and, certainly, there's every chance we'll see them battling it out for championships in the coming years provided they've got the cars underneath them to do so.

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